The Wild Caruthers Bachelors , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2520
ISBN: 978-0-373-83847-9
May 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Cole's Hill, Texas Present Day

Wedding planner Kinley Quinten knew rancher Nate Caruthers back in Texas when they were younger, and three years ago they ran into one another in Las Vegas. An instant connection between them ended with a sizzling weekend spent in bed together. Kinley called Nate two months later to try to tell him she was pregnant, but before she could give him the news, he brushed off her attempts by letting her know that their fling was over. Kinley ended up giving birth to a little girl, and she's settled in nicely as a single mother with a career she enjoys. Now the company she's employed at has been awarded the wedding planning of Nate's brother and his fiancée, plus a couple other Texas weddings, which means spending six months in Cole's Hill. Kinley doesn't want to return, despite her father still living there, because she's afraid of running into Nate. She'd have to give him the news he's a daddy.

Nate came back from Vegas three years ago to find out the family company was being run into the ground. He stepped up to save it, which meant working long hours, and when Kinley called him up two months after their weekend fling, he brusquely ended things rather than let her distract him. When she arrives back in town, the sparks fly once again between them, but she firmly informs him that not only is she there to work, but she has a two-year-old daughter, Penny. Nate doesn't catch the connection between Penny's age and their fling in figuring out he might be the father, but continues in his quest to get Kinley back into his bed. How will he react when he realizes he is Penny's father?

Growing up together, Nate's family had been Kinley's father's employer and she watched Nate from afar with a huge crush on him. Running into one another by accident in Las Vegas, an instant attraction led to a weekend fling, but Nate never called Kinley again. Once she found out she was pregnant, she tried to do the right thing in letting him know, only to have him tell her in no uncertain terms that their affair was over. Despite the pain of rejection, she still has feelings for him, which are rekindled when he again shows an interest in her after they run into one another. Kinley thought telling Nate he was Penny's father would be easy, but it is not.

Nate wants to pick things up where they ended in Vegas, but the addition of Penny has him pausing as he isn't sure about being a stepfather. At first, Kinley keeps Nate at arm's length, hoping for the right time to talk to him about their child. Meanwhile, the wedding planning is going on without a hitch, which keeps Kinley busy. Besides having to tell Nate he is Penny's father, Kinley has to tell her father, who might not be too happy to learn that his employer's son knocked up his only child. It's a delicate situation for Kinley, and one that she's not looking forward to.

The secret is about to be out of the bag in the TYCOON COWBOY'S BABY SURPRISE, and when it is, several lives are going to change. Kinley and Nate fell for each other during a weekend fling, but life interfered before they could find their way back to each other. A sensual and emotional tale, grab a copy of TYCOON COWBOY'S BABY SURPRISE and prepare yourself to be immersed in an enjoyable reading adventure.

Patti Fischer