A Hero and Heartbreakers Novella
St. Martin's eBook
ASIN:  B07179RVV5
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

New York City, the Present

Unlike many young women who come to New York for adventure and romance, Lottie Langerman is here to stay. Her romance didn't work out but she's a success at her job with a real estate company. She excels at matching up newcomers to the city with the perfect apartment for them. Lottie has a set of rules she lives by. She knows exactly the kind of man she wants; she will not deviate.

Lottie has two best female friends. Her ex roommate, Elsa May, had a little accident that changed her life. She found herself pregnant and eloped with her lover; they have a darling little girl. So much for her plans to become a lawyer.

Her other friend is Mia, the epitome of the smart, fashionable New Yorker. The three are out one evening when a Bachelorette party of young women enters the bar. They are having so much fun, Elsa May conceives of a plan to bring more fun into her friends' lives. A fourth is added to the group. Mia's roommate is a feminist professor who disdains much of the man/woman culture. Can she loosen up?

First comes Lottie, who recently broke up with a man who fit all her criteria. She is to pretend to be the one getting married and out on her bachelorette party to celebrate—tiara, borrowed engagement ring and all. She meets one man who fits her rules and one who certainly doesn't. But they think she's taken.

The premise of HER FAKE ENGAGEMENT may be a bit outré, but it IS fun. The characters are interesting (including several single men) and so is the author's New York night life and rental scene. I liked the friendships portrayed as well.

Want a taste of the city that never sleeps? A lot to enjoy happens in this novella's 157 pages.

Jane Bowers