The Billionaires of Black Castle , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2483
ISBN: 978-0-373-73496-2
November 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

United States and Russia Present Day

Anastasia Shepherd wakes up in a hospital setting to discover that her brother, Alex, was murdered by thugs and that she nearly died herself, only to be saved by Russian billionaire Ivan Konstantinov. Seven years ago, Anastasia had met and fell in love with the mysterious Ivan, only to have him walk out of her life with no explanation. As she recuperates from her injuries, she is kept under Ivan's protection until she is well enough to return to her family to let them know about Alex. In the days that follow, one thing is certain: Anastasia is still attracted to Ivan and he remains as mysterious as ever.

Ivan has many secrets that he cannot reveal to Anastasia because it's so complicated and still raw to him. His parents literally gave him away as a child to Russian monsters, but he was saved by a secret agency called the Black Castle, where he met other boys in the same situation. They were raised to be tough and not afraid to kill to achieve their means. His tight circle of friends from the Black Castle also achieved fortune and, like Ivan, plan to exact revenge on those abandoning them. He first met Anastasia through her brother Alex, and they became friends. He had to leave Anastasia because of the knowledge that Alex's wife is his sister, and that he'd end up hurting them in his plan of revenge against his parents.

As many of the tales in The Billionaires of Black Castle , HIS PREGNANT CHRISTMAS BRIDE features a hardened hero who has vowed revenge on those who sold or gave them away. Love and marriage aren't in their plans, but soon they encounter a woman who brings them to their knees. For Ivan, it is Anastasia to whom he's attracted. She's smart and beautiful, and they spent several weeks getting to know one another seven years ago. But when he realized how his sister would suffer if he revealed the truth of what happened to her older brother, he decides to walk away from all of them. However, he's kept an eye on them, and when he learns Alex is in trouble, he springs to action, only to learn Anastasia is in danger also. It's too late to save Alex, but she is badly injured, almost dying, and he spirits her away to a secret medical facility where she has surgery and can recover. The more Ivan is around Anastasia, the harder it is to give her up.

Anastasia is both intrigued and angry at Ivan. He treats her like a child and won't tell her what's going on. But when it's time to return to her family, they are apart only a few minutes before they're running to each other. Anastasia agrees to go to Russia with Ivan, where he showers her with gifts and affection. Their affair flares to life, but can they find lasting love? Will Ivan finally have his revenge on his family, or find peace?

A dark, emotional tale that grips you with the horrors experienced by Ivan and the spellbinding love he discovers with Anastasia. Can they get past all the barriers erected and find love? The answers are there in the intriguing HIS PREGNANT CHRISTMAS BRIDE.

Patti Fischer