RESCUE ME – Rachel Gibson
ISBN: 978-0-06-206912-2
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Lovett, Texas – Present Day

Raised by a widower father who loved his ranch more than he did his daughter, Mercedes “Sadie” Hollowell did the only thing she could do: she left home at the age of eighteen and barely looked back. Now a successful real estate agent in Phoenix, Sadie is headed back to Lovett to be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding. She plans to do her duty, including visiting with her dad. Before she even reaches his place, a broken-down truck with a sexy as sin man by the name of Vince Haven needing assistance sideswipes her in more ways than one. Sadie isn't looking for a man, and Vince's attitude could be better as the two clash. She thinks he's the last man she should be attracted to, and he thinks she's too prissy.

Vince has seen it all with his career as a SEAL on dangerous missions. He still suffers from the attack in which his best friend died. He returned home to take care of his sister and nephew, but now that has all changed. A visit to Lovett is just what he needs for a change of scenery. He didn't expect to find Sadie, a female who confounds him as much as she intrigues him.

Sadie and Vince can't avoid each other, and after a sizzling encounter during her cousin's wedding reception, she scurries away, ready to leave town. Then her father has a serious accident that lands him in the hospital…delaying Sadie's escape. Days turn into weeks as her dad is moved to a nursing home. Sadie sticks around, and Vince turns out to be a source of distraction as he makes it clear he isn't looking for a lasting relationship. Neither is she…or so she tells herself. But the sex is so damned good, and he's like a Lay's potato chip. Once is not enough. Especially when she utters those two words he can't resist: rescue me.

Retired SEAL Vince left Seattle to get away from his blissfully happy sister because he can't stand his soon to be brother- in-law. He only plans to pay a visit to his aunt and then head on his way, with no idea of what he wants to do next. Vince's first impression of Sadie is that of a spoiled Texas belle, yet he has to admit she is not only feisty but intriguing. Vince decides he likes Lovett, so he buys his aunt's convenience store and plans to upgrade it, then sell it for a profit down the road. Wherever Vince turns around, there is Sadie, her soulful eyes begging him to rescue her from the upheaval in her life. Vince and Sadie are soul mates at the crossroads of their lives, and neither can admit that maybe they've found the right person to spend their lives with.

A thoroughly enjoyable tale, RESCUE ME will pull you right into the sassy relationship between Sadie and Vince. Both have tried to do the right thing in the past for their families and now are having to rethink their lives. Sadie's tenuous relationship with her father seems to go from bad to worse the more she tries to reach out to him. For Vince, he's not sure he has a place in Seattle anymore. How could his sister love a jerk who left her once? (Incidentally, Vince's sister is Autumn from ANY MAN OF MINE and the “jerk” is Sam) But the one constant Sadie and Vince have is their temporary fling. The more they're around each other, the better they begin to understand each other. Rachel Gibson has a way with creating unique characters you're not sure you'd like, but you end up loving them. That is the case with Sadie and Vince in RESCUE ME. They learn a lot about themselves just by being there for each other.

A book I whizzed through loving every moment, I highly recommend RESCUE ME for a great way to spend your reading time.

Patti Fischer