RUN TO YOU – Rachel Gibson
ISBN: 978-0-06-206914-6
October 2013
Contemporary Romance

From Miami, Florida to Lovett, Texas – Present Day

Ex-Marine turned security expert Beau Junger is doing what should be a simple favor for his brother's friend…contact Stella Leon in Miami to let her know that her sister, Sadie Hollowell, wants to get in touch with her. But just as Beau is about to deliver the message, Stella is hassled by her boss, and Beau, being a man who doesn't like women being bullied, intercedes. One thing leads to another—which includes the mafia looking for both Stella and Beau—and soon they're on the road together headed to Lovett, where Sadie lives.

Along the way, Beau and Stella get to know each other very well, and the uptight Marine finds his life turned upside down by the let-it-hang-loose Stella. Sexual chemistry sizzles between them, but he is determined not to act upon it. Beau doesn't want to be like his philandering father, and he also thinks Stella is too young for him. However, resisting the unintentional allure of Stella is far harder for him to do than he thinks. Add in the fact that she makes him open up about his fears and feelings…and closeness soon develops between them.

Stella isn't looking forward to meeting the half-sister (Sadie's tale is in RESCUE ME) she has never met. In fact, if she hadn't had the trouble in Miami that Beau interceded on, she probably wouldn't be in the truck now on her way to Lovett. Beau intrigues her, and she's determined to crack the hard shell he's developed. Despite being on her own, Stella is still pretty much an innocent. Her family in New Mexico shames her into being a “good girl” but Stella wants to break out into being a “bad” girl, and Beau is just the candidate for the job. She tempts and taunts his uptight sensibility and forces him into actions he never thought he would have done otherwise. Is there a chance they're falling in love? Neither wants love, but could it happen anyway? Can Stella win Beau's hardened heart?

Rachel Gibson knows how to pen a tale that is sexy and humorous, and RUN TO YOU is no exception. Stella's sassy mouth gets her in plenty of trouble with Beau, but that mouth also has him unable to stop thinking about kissing it. Their road trip is full of chuckles and a few adventures, and it brings them even closer together. Beau mightily tries to resist Stella, but it's hard when you're falling hard for the tiny whirlwind of energy that she is. If you love a sexy and fun romance to curl up with on a cool autumn night, then RUN TO YOU is the perfect read for you.

Patti Fischer