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UNTIL I MET YOU – Amber Rose Gill
Mills & Boon
ISBN: 978-0008608613
July 5, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Tobago, Caribbean – Present Day

Samantha was looking forward to her best friend’s wedding in Tobago and being the bridesmaid, but right before she was to leave, her boyfriend dumped her. This means no plus one to be by her side. Arriving in Tobago where she will join the bride, groom, and assorted friends for a week of revelry before the wedding weekend, Samantha is feeling out of place with no date—that is, until she meets Roman. Roman happens to be related to the groom, but he is currently between jobs and helping his grandfather run a local store in Tobago. Samantha and Roman hit it off. What started as a potentially miserable week on a beautiful island turns into a joyous week of falling in love. But is this just a holiday romance?

Jetting off to a Caribbean Island for a week of sun and fun should be the ultimate pleasure, but for Samantha, in UNTIL I MET YOU it promises to be a chore—until she meets Roman. Her friends don’t know that she and Timmy aren’t a couple anymore, so all the couple’s activities have her dreading the whole ordeal. She meets Roman shortly after arriving, and since he is part of the wedding party too, it makes sense to pair them off. While Samantha denies that there is anything romantic going on between them to her friends, deep down she hopes whatever is going on between her and Roman lasts at least through the wedding. 

Meanwhile, Samantha wonders if the wedding will go off as planned. First, the best man leaves without an adequate explanation (at least no one will tell Samantha the reason he left), then the groom’s family is delayed. It looks like they won’t arrive until just before the wedding. Samantha is surprised that her best friend, Naomi, is getting married so soon after meeting the groom-to-be, but keeps her mouth shut. But is all hell going to break loose and bring down the wedding? And once Samantha has to return to London, will she miss being with Roman? After all, his life is in the United States while hers is in the UK. 

An intriguing tale right from the start, readers will sympathize with Samantha and her plight at suddenly being uncoupled just before a wedding. We get to watch as she falls for Roman and his easy, laid-back personality. Their chemistry is apparent in UNTIL I MET YOU as they banter back and forth and soon develop a friendship. However, readers will wonder if they can make a future together…somehow. Will a surprise from Roman’s past put a damper on Samantha’s happiness?

A fun and flirty romance don’t miss UNTIL I MET YOU.

Patti Fischer

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