Texas Extreme , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2494
ISBN: 978-0-373-83821-9
January 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

South Texas – Present Day

Rancher Austin Calloway and veterinarian Georgie Romero have been on and off lovers for years. Six years ago, one of their trysts ended in a pregnancy and, just as she was about to tell Austin, Georgie learned that he had married another woman. She decided to not tell him about the pregnancy, but now she's back in the area and realizes it's time to let him know he has a son. The moment Georgie meets Austin again, the sparks fly. He's too busy charming her to give her time to sit down with him and have a talk.

Austin regrets his marriage, which ended in a divorce because he just wasn't “into” his wife. He could never stop thinking about Georgie, but their friendship was more like a “friends with benefits” kind that would never go beyond that. With Georgie back in town, Austin wants to pick up where they left off six years ago and proceeds to sweep her off her feet. But there's something that is holding her back and he's wondering what's troubling her. The truth of the matter is that she isn't sure how he'll react learning he's a father. Add in that there is a long-standing feud between their families, and telling him is not going to be easy.

Keeping the news of a secret child is not always easy to do when you're all living in the same area, but in AN HEIR FOR THE TEXAN Austin is oblivious. Georgie and Austin were as tight as can be but kept their relationship friendly, rather than trying for a commitment with each other. That didn't stop an occasional romp in bed, but after the last time six years ago, he pushed her away as he was still dealing with the news of his father's secret family. Then he turned around and married someone else, so Georgie figured he'd moved on. Knowing that for both Austin's and her son's sake they should be told, she starts the process to try to find the right time to tell him first. That proves hard. He's too busy trying to kiss her and woo her to let her talk.

Austin is a laid-back cowboy, but after learning his father had married another woman while married to his stepmother, he was shocked. It was Georgie's dependable arms he landed in, and he felt bad for leaning on her. Why he ever married another woman is as crazy as it seems, and it didn't take him long to realize his mistake. But that is in the past, and Austin wants to resume with Georgie whatever it is they have going on between them.

AN HEIR FOR THE TEXAN is part of the Texas Extreme series about the Calloway brothers and their quest to build a ranch experience for tourists. The brothers are all named after cities in Texas, which makes it a little bit of amusement, such as when the twins are named Fort and Worth. There are plenty of men to go around, so be on the lookout for Texas Extreme books.

It's a sexy reunion for Austin and Georgie in AN HEIR FOR THE TEXAN, and readers will be in for lots of romance and a little bit of humor.

Patti Fischer