Texas Extreme , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2544
ISBN: 978-0-373-83871-4
September 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

D Bar C Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Rodeo star Houston Calloway is injured during a competition, and as usual is tended to by athletic trainer Jill Amherst. Realizing that due to the extent of his injuries he'll be unable to compete for several weeks, he decides to return to the family ranch. Houston gets the bright idea to bring along Jill so that she can interview for a job at their about to open Texas Extreme, a ranch experience for visitors. Jill is hesitant about accepting his offer, but the job is tempting….as is the man himself. There's sizzling chemistry between Jill and Houston, but both are trying hard to resist the temptation. But it doesn't stop him from whisking her off to the ranch.

Jill was raised in Florida and is currently estranged from her family, though she has promised to attend her sister's wedding in a couple of weeks. After getting a look at the facilities at Texas Extreme, she's intrigued enough to accept their job offer. As she settles in and gets to know Houston's family—his half-brothers and other members of the extended family—she feels like she made the right choice, though her attraction for Houston hasn't dimmed in the least. A couple of days before Jill's trip to Florida, she becomes worried her mother will try to play matchmaker for her and pair her up with a guy. That's when the Calloway clan come up with the idea of Houston going along as her pretend boyfriend. Will this lead her to temptation and losing her battle to Houston's charms?

Houston has enjoyed the ride (no pun intended) of being a rodeo star, but after an injury sidelines him, he heads home to help the family prepare for their new project, an adventure for people who want to experience life on a ranch. He's known Jill for a couple of years as she's been employed by the rodeo group and she's well respected as an athletic trainer. They've butted heads, but he admires her ability to stand up to pigheaded men like him. Houston has to work a little to persuade her to come with him to the ranch, but once there, she enjoys it and takes the job. The sexual tension between them is hot…and is apparent to others around them. Jill feels getting involved will only complicate their working relationship…and Houston agrees, except he still wants to bed her.

Things heat up in Florida between Jill and Houston, and as the title suggests, there may be a pregnancy involved. Or, it maybe something that is cooked up as a cover to explain him to her family. You'll have to read EXPECTING THE RANCHER'S BABY? to find out the answer. If you haven't read the prior books in the series (THE RANCHER'S MARRIAGE PACT and AN HEIR FOR THE TEXAN) then don't despair. You can read this as a standalone or head over to an online bookstore and find copies. Either way, you'll enjoy EXPECTING THE RANCHER'S BABY?

From adversaries to lovers, discover how Jill and Houston find the perfect answer to their mutual attraction in EXPECTING THE RANCHER'S BABY?

Patti Fischer