Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2444
ISBN: 978-0-373-73457-3
May 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

Nasira and Sebastian Edwards have been married for ten years, but after her recent miscarriage their relationship is on the rocks. Nasira is in Royal, Texas for her brother's marriage and isn't sure she wants to return to England, where she has lived with Sebastian. But he surprisingly shows up on her brother's doorstep, ready to take her home. She puts him off, saying she will return after her brother's wedding. While both acknowledge their relationship is in serious trouble, he rents a nearby house so that they can spend some alone time together. Nasira doesn't think it will work, but she agrees.

Sebastian is aware that Nasira wants a baby and the miscarriage scared him. Her need for a child is driving a wedge between them that may not be resolvable. Yet there's no denying the passion is still fiery hot between them, even after ten years of marriage. They didn't marry for love, but because she agreed to the marriage rather than one to a much older man her late father wanted her to marry.

Nasira first made her appearance in A SURPIRSE FOR THE SHEIKH, and in IN PURSUIT OF HIS WIFE readers get a glimpse into the struggles Nasira had in trying to gain her independence from her traditional Arabic father. After her father tried to marry her off to a man she definitely didn't want, she agreed to marry Sebastian, a well to do English billionaire much closer in age to her. They have spent the past ten years getting to know each other, but truthfully, neither has totally opened up the other. Sebastian has some family secrets that have haunted him and colors his views on pregnancy. When Nasira miscarried, it was his worst nightmare coming true, and he didn't want to experience it again, so he has refused to agree to her request to try again.

Nasira is ready to have a baby of her own, and if Sebastian won't agree, then the only thing for them to do is to divorce and she'll move on in hopes of finding a man who wants children. Sebastian still wants Nasira, but their resulting arguments over having children is making it difficult to keep the fires alive between them. In the end, Sebastian will need to open up to Nasira about the reason behind his fears. If he doesn't, he'll lose the woman he loves.

IN PURSUIT OF HIS WIFE is the seventh tale in the Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies series, but can pretty much be read as a standalone. What started out as the mystery in this series has been resolved, and now loose ends are being tied up. Babies and secrets are popping up everywhere!

A couple with a marriage on the rocks need to have a heartfelt talk and get on the same page when it comes to having babies. Grab the intriguing IN PURSUIT OF HIS WIFE today.

Patti Fischer