Harlequin Desire #2350
ISBN: 978-0-373-733637
January 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Kingdom of Bajul – Present Day

After a horrific kidnapping and attack, international reporter Sunny McAdams is visiting her sister in Bajul for some rest and relaxation. One of the first people she encounters is a mysterious man who looks a lot like an Arabian James Bond. Turns out he is Sheikh Rayad Rostam, who is a cousin to Sunny's sister's husband. Rayad is persistent in pursuing Sunny, despite being warned by his cousin to back off. Sunny is inexplicitly attracted to him and agrees to a day trip to visit a local cave that turns out to be a hidden Mecca of rustic luxury rooms and accommodations.  They spend a wonderful day together, but before they are to leave, he receives word that due to a storm they'll have to remain where they're at for few days.

Since Sunny and Rayad are holed up together, it doesn't take long for their relationship to turn sexual. Both agree that a short term affair is all that either can offer, with a promise they'll walk away with no commitments. As readers soon learn in ONE HOT DESERT NIGHT, Sunny and Rayad have eerily similar pasts that neither reveals to the other at first, though he suspects the truth about hers. Sunny is still trying to get over the attack she suffered, and Rayad brings her out of her shell until she finally opens up to him. But he refuses to do the same, even as she suspects there's a dark secret that has him sworn to remain unattached. As she pushes him for the truth, he puts up a wall. Sunny has fallen in love with him – despite their promises not to – and if she wants a future with Rayad, she'll have to find out who he really is. Will the truth be more than she can handle?

ONE HOT DESERT NIGHT is a highly sensual tale, and most of it takes place in the enclosed confines of a cavern where Rayad built a sophisticated living area where royals could go to hide in case of an attack. When he isn't chasing after beautiful women like Sunny, Rayad is a trained killer bent on revenge for the death of his late wife and son. This act forced him to vow to spend the rest of his life finding the killer and nothing – not even Sunny – will change him. Yet, once he finally reveals the truth to her, she begs him to stop and put the past behind him. Can he do this?

While ONE HOT DESERT NIGHT is not listed as part of a series, it is connected to several recent “Sheikh” stories that Kristi Gold has penned, though this tale can be read pretty much as a standalone. But we do get caught up with the other three couples from THE RETURN OF THE SHEIKH, ONE NIGHT WITH THE SHEIKH and THE SHEIKH'S SON.

Grab an icy cold drink as you'll need one while reading ONE HOT DESERT NIGHT, and be prepared to wrap yourself into a reading cocoon to enjoy this sensuous tale.

Patti Fischer