Harlequin Desire #2244
ISBN: 978-0-373-73257-9
July 2013
Series Romance

Bajul – Present Day

King Rafiq Mehdi may rule Bajul, but he's still in misery over what he sees as his role in his wife's death six months ago. He didn't love Rima, but she was the wife chosen for him, and she died tragically shortly after they argued. His brother, Zain, gave up the throne to marry an American for love, but Rafiq doesn't see love in his future. Zain reminds him that he did at one time love Dr. Maysa Barad, yet as a divorcee, she is now considered improper wife material. Maysa and Rafiq have remained friends, and it is with her that he seeks for a respite from royal duties. Will Rafiq's long buried desire for Maysa rise once more?

Maysa has dedicated her life to healing the poor of Bajul and wishes the king would increase the financing to help her. When he comes to her seeking a sabbatical hideout for a few days, she decides to use it to press her point home and invites him into her home. Of course, one thing she insists on is that he not make love to her. Getting involved with the king is not what she, a respected doctor, wants. Yet, this is something that proves impossible to resist...

He should be on top of the world, but King Rafiq Mehdi is still brooding months after he became a widower. Rima was pregnant at the time of the crash, and their quarrel sent her barreling down a mountain road where she crashed and died. Guilt has slammed Rafiq all these months, and his brothers Zain and Adan intercede and suggest some time away. Maysa may have once been his lover, but she still remains a friend. Maysa and Rafiq had one night together many years ago, and both have tried to bury the memories. She married another man shortly afterwards, but it was an abusive marriage that she was finally able to escape from and make herself a new life as a doctor, despite being a pariah in her own country for being divorced and a doctor.

In ONE NIGHT WITH A SHEIKH, Maysa and Rafiq visit the countryside of Bajul, getting a taste of how the poor live. To say his eyes are opened is an understatement. Rafiq begins to respect what Maysa does, though getting the funding will mean hard work for it to be passed by the council. Maysa's brother is cynical of her work and accuses her of becoming Rafiq's mistress. She wonders if she is falling into that role, which is something she doesn't want as it could undermine the respect she has earned from her patients. But the passion between Rafiq and Maysa cannot be controlled…and one night with the sheikh isn't enough.

Readers who love sheikh romances will enjoy ONE NIGHT WITH A SHEIKH as the hot desert romance sizzles between Rafiq and Maysa. Is it enough for him to forget the painful past few months? Does Maysa learn something that will exonerate his guilt? Find out for yourself in the intriguing ONE NIGHT WITH A SHEIKH.

Patti Fischer