Texas Extreme , Book 1 of 6
Harlequin Desire #2435
March 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

The Last Chance Ranch in South Texas

J.D. Calloway lived by his own rules, and he was not beyond making his eldest son, Dallas, live by them as well. J.D.'s will left control of his huge empire to Dallas with the caveat that he marry by his thirty-eighth birthday…only a week away. Dallas was a champion of the rodeo circuit and has great plans to build a lodge and rodeo grounds on the D Bar C where he lives so guests could experience Extreme Texas, his name for the project. Where could he find a woman to marry him for a year to fulfill the requirements of the will, then peacefully move on? Dallas is not one to trust easily nor make commitments.

Paris Reynolds is broke and badly needs a job. After reading of Dallas's plans, she hopes to get him to hire her as an interior designer—she has experience in the field, but recently lost her job thanks to her ex-husband who also made off with all their assets and left her with huge debts…and low self-esteem. But she must try.

So it seems that Dallas and Paris are made for each other. They agree to marry—in name only—and get an annulment after the year is up. They didn't figure in the strong physical attraction that quickly flares up between them. How far can a couple go without actually consummating the union?

Dallas's life is complicated as well by the extended Calloway family. He has two step mothers living on the property and five step-brothers who will have their own tales told in upcoming books. Their names are Austin, Houston, Tyler, and the twins, Fort and Worth. Do you sense a theme here?

THE RANCHER'S MARRIAGE PACT is a fun read and a very sexy one with lots of details.

Jane Bowers