Harlequin Desire #2230
ISBN: 978-0-373-73243-2
May 2013
Series Romance

Bajul – Present Day

Despite being the Crown Prince, Zain Mehdi has spent the past several years away from Bajul, partying and dating one beautiful woman after another. But with his father's death, he has to return home to claim his rightful spot as King, even though he'd rather be any other place than in Bajul. Political consultant Madison Foster is hired to help smooth the transition of power between Zain and the people of his country in order to repair his tarnished reputation, a fact he doesn't like. Zain and Madison don't always see eye to eye, yet there's no denying the physical attraction that sizzles between them.

Madison has heard the rumors about the Playboy Prince and doesn't want to fall under his spell and into his bed. Zain is charming, and soon she's unable to resist him, but she knows getting involved will likely lead to heartbreak. Both realize that an affair is all that he can offer because Banjul's rules require that Zain marry a woman of their country. Stolen moments together only lead to even more intense feelings between them, making it harder for when it's time to say goodbye to each other.

A man who doesn't want to be king but has no choice is the hero of THE RETURN OF THE SHEIKH by Kristi Gold. For seven years Zain has stayed away amid tabloid reports of his partying, as well as the puzzling mystery of where he would disappear to from time to time. Madison is aware of his reputation and tries to keep things businesslike between them, but it proves to be a lost cause. The sizzling sensuality that spikes between them can't be missed, not by those around them and not by readers.  Zain feels like a man tumbling out of control. He doesn't want to be in Bajul and certainly doesn't want the power of being King. His older brother, Rafiq, should have been chosen as the successor, but instead their father opted to name Zain as the future king. The relationship between the brothers is strained, especially since Rafiq is adhering to tradition and marrying a woman chosen by their father. Zain will pick the woman he will marry but, unfortunately, it can't be Madison.

Madison continues to work at preparing Zain for his duties, conscious that soon she'll have to leave. She learns that Zain isn't a vain playboy bent on his own personal satisfaction. Instead, he wants to bring modernization to Banjul despite opposition from the old time politicians. Their affair is passionate as desire for each other becomes nearly uncontrollable. Will Zain ask Madison to remain—but as his mistress? Can she accept their relationship on these terms? Readers will be guessing until the very end as to what happens.

THE RETURN OF THE SHEIKH is a modern set tale about a country steeped in old-fashioned values clashing with modern day feelings. Will Zain accept his birthright as king or will he choose love? Find out the answer for yourself in THE RETURN OF THE SHEIKH.

Patti Fischer