Harlequin Desire #2380
ISBN: 978-0-373-73393-4
June 21015
Contemporary Series Romance

Bajul and Cyprus – Present Day

Six weeks ago, Bajul diplomat Kira Darzin had a sizzling one night stand with billionaire Tarek Azzmar, and it's clear he wants a repeat, but she's leery of continuing a sexual relationship with him. Tarek asks Bajul's king to “borrow” Kira for a business venture in Cyprus (he wants her input on a resort he's opening) and she reluctantly agrees. Just before they leave, Kira learns she's pregnant—with Tarek's child. She is not going to tell him just yet, but will use the trip as a way to determine if he will make a satisfactory father. How long can she keep her pregnancy a secret, especially since he wants her back in his bed?

Tarek has a secret—and a secret agenda. He's the illegitimate son of the late king of Bajul and was never acknowledged by his father. He plans to destroy his half brothers and force them to claim him as one of theirs. Getting involved with Kira was a distraction he doesn't need, but her beauty and brains attract him. He uses the excuse of needing her to help him on his resort project, but his main goal is to get her back in his bed. Add in that she is a trusted and loyal friend to his half-brothers only sweetens the pot. Will Tarek succeed at what he has planned, and what will happen when he discovers Kira is pregnant?

Secrets and hidden agendas are the main theme of THE SHEIKH'S SECRET HEIR by Kristi Gold. Part of her recent sheikh books, which focused on the current king and his brothers, Tarek is the unknown half-brother who is after revenge even though he doesn't realize his identity would prove a surprise to everyone. Before THE SHEIKH'S SECRET HEIR even begins, Tarek and Kira had had their one night stand, and it doesn't take long in this tale for her to find out she's pregnant. Even as close as they become, he is still shocked to learn of her pregnancy. Kira tries to keep Tarek from making love to her because she doesn't want sex to cloud her decision on whether to tell him the truth. Alas, Tarek is a very persuasive man…

As Kira and Tarek learn more about each other, the greater their respect for the other grows. Tarek's mother died when he was young, and it was his stepfather who told him who his real father was. Since that time, he has vowed revenge on the royal family of Bajul for the snub he and his mother received when he was born. Kira is adopted and has a bit of an insight into learning to live with—and love—the family she grew up in. Will her insight help Tarek gain a better understanding of what happened between his mother and the late king?

A sensual tale that revolves around sheikhs and royalty, THE SHEIKH'S SECRET HEIR will surely fill your reading requirements. Grab a copy before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer