THE SHEIKH'S SON – Kristi Gold
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2313
ISBN: 978-0-373-73326-2
July 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Bajul – Present Day

Meeting the eyes of the handsome man in a bar in Chicago, Piper McAdams decides to do the one thing she has never done before: have a one-night stand. She learns that his name is A.J. and he'll be the pilot for the plane that will take her and her colleagues to Bajul tomorrow for a business trip. Piper and A.J. make it as far as his hotel room, where they chat…and he turns down her offer of sex. The next morning, she learns soon after boarding the flight to Bajul that A.J. is in fact Prince Adan Mehdi. She's shocked and angry, and now wants nothing to do with him. But when they arrive in his country, an infant soon changes the course of both their lives…

Adan's ex-girlfriend arrives unexpectedly, dropping off a baby boy, Samuel, that she says is his. She is not interested in motherhood and besides, she has a modeling gig in Africa that she is on her way to. Adan is shocked by the news he's a father and doesn't have a clue how to care for a month old child, so Piper steps in and shows him how. While on an excursion to a store to get supplies, they are ambushed by the paparazzi, and after they demand to know who Piper is and asking if is he the father of the baby, Adan blurts out that she is his wife and the mother of his son. Now he has to convince Piper to stick it out to carry on the ruse until the scandal dies down.

Lust at first sight started things for Piper and Adan in THE SHEIKH'S SON. But after Adan literally has an infant dropped in his lap, he reaches out to Piper for help, somehow knowing he can trust her. Yet she doesn't trust him after his deception about his identity, but Samuel has her softening her heart. She will stay for as long as it takes for Adan to settle in with the infant, then she plans to leave. Luckily for both, the palace nursery still has some baby things left from Adan and his brothers' childhood, but not all, so that meant going to a store. Aware that he could be recognized, Adan tries to disguise himself, but it doesn't fool a few people and reporters swarm him and Piper. Of course, blurting out that he now has a son and a wife forces Piper to stay…as his pretend wife. Will pretense soon turn into marital relations?

Adan is a laidback, sexy sheikh who is line for the throne, but thankfully his brother is the King and in charge. Adan also suspects he isn't his father's son because of his mother's possible infidelity, and in THE SHEIKH'S SON he finally gets the answer. Piper is an heiress trying to prove to her grandfather that she is business savvy, so getting involved in a potential scandal with a business associate is probably not the wisest thing to do. Yet, there is something about Adan and his son that draws her to them. Adan embarks on a plan of seduction because he wants her in his bed. Heck, he is probably regretting he didn't take her up on her offer the first night they met.

Getting to know one another with a baby nearby is hard to do, but in THE SHEIKH'S SON, Adan and Piper still manage. They end up learning a lot about themselves—and each other. Will they find their way to a happily-ever-after? Find out for yourself in THE SHEIKH'S SON.

Patti Fischer