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OH SO WRONG WITH MR. RIGHT – Nadine Gonzalez
Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding
Harlequin Desire #7A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45758-5
June 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Commitment phobia Sasha Ramos isn’t keen on weddings, but she will be there supporting her sister at her wedding. Her travel to Royal is filled with bumps along the way, with the man sitting next to her on the plane being helpful. When Sasha lands, she learns the last rental car has been taken by this same man, so she goes up to him and demands that he drive her to Royal. He complies since he’s headed that way too, but the road trip is also fraught with trouble. But it all may have sparked a mutual attraction between them.

Businessman Nikola Williams is amused and attracted to Sasha with her travel woes and spunk. After arriving in Royal, he learns that she is the sister of the bride who is going to have the wedding event of the year. An invitation to the event is a hot ticker. He also would love to meet with the groom to propose some business ideas. After Sasha asks him to be her plus one at the wedding, what a great chance encounter it has turned out to be. It doesn’t help that he’s also attracted to Sasha. Why not a little fling while both are in Royal?

The sparks are flying hot in OH SO WRONG WITH MR. RIGHT and there’s no doubt Sasha and Nik are headed to the bedroom. She is a successful photographer, and her shots of her sister’s upcoming wedding will be the talk of the internet soon. Meanwhile, Nik sees an opportunity to not only attend the wedding but get a leg up in business dealings with the groom. He likes Sasha, but he isn’t looking for anything beyond their time together in Royal. However, they fit like a glove together despite their different lives. It also turns out they will soon be living in the same city as Nik is opening a branch near where Sasha lives. But Nik leaves that part out in his chats with her because he doesn’t want to indicate that he wants their fling to continue beyond the wedding. 

Sasha feels marriage is a curse, though she thinks her sister will have a happy marriage. Nik makes her feel beautiful and spirited, and they enjoy being with each other. A fling between them is perfect—until Nik talks about getting together after the wedding. That is going to be a big no-no because that means there is commitment involved. How will it affect their relationship? How will the fact that Sasha is secretly helping Nik land another business deal? He prides himself on his business savvy, but what if someone is calling in favors?

It's clear in OH SO WRONG WITH MR. RIGHT that Sasha and Nik really like each other, but can they take the next step to make their relationship permanent? Find out by grabbing a copy of this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer

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