WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI… -- Nadine Gonzalez
Miami Famous, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2813
ISBN: 978-1-335-23298-4
July 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Miami, Florida – Present Day

Alessandro Cardenas is one of the world's most famous actors and likes to spend his downtime on Fisher Island, an exclusive island minutes from Miami. His late grandfather was a painter whose works have become popular after his death. Unfortunately, his popularity has spawned numerous fakes, which Alessandro (nicknamed Sandro) has bought up, all the while hoping he can find out who is making the fakes. The latest “painting” by his grandfather is bought by Sandro sight unseen, and it is gallerist Angeline Louis who brings it to him at his penthouse. He is intrigued by her and invites her to join him and his other guests for dinner and drinks. By the time the evening is over, Sandro and Angeline—whom he calls Angel—are alone. They spend the night together.

The next morning, before Sandro is awake, Angel leaves his bed and returns to the mainland. She figures that she will never see him again. But to her surprise, he shows up at an art exhibition. Once again, Sandro and Angel are drawn to each other. Their attraction is intense, but she knows that there can't be anything more than a fling between them. He is only in Miami for a few days before he must return to California. However, things change for Sandro, and his few days turn into several nights with Angel. However, he is still trying to find the culprit responsible for forging his grandfather's art—and hoping Angel isn't involved.

Angel is feeling like a secret Cinderella in WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI… after getting the attention of superstar actor Sandro. But she knows that her magical time with him will end once he returns to Hollywood. After her boyfriend dumped her a few months ago, Angel is feeling adrift and is grateful for the dream job at the small art gallery. Sandro could have any woman he wants, but it is Angel who captures his attention…and he can't let her walk away. He woos and dines her, but with the understanding that he will be leaving soon. Can Angel accept that their affair is only temporary?

Despite Sandro's immense popularity and wealth, he still remains as humble as he was as a child growing up discarded by a father who was ashamed about his illegitimate son. However, upon his grandfather's death, Sandro inherited his paintings. He thought he had all of them, but suddenly they're showing up—and are mostly fakes. He could go to the police, but he wants to find the culprits first. It turns out that Angel's employer is a suspect. Can he keep what he suspects from her? Is their affair truly short-term, or will they fall in love? Can there be a future between them?

A sensual and fascinating tale, don't miss the intrigue in WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI…

Patti Fischer