A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia
ISBN: 978-0-345-53399-9
September 2017
Historical Fiction

Rome 1492 to 1501

Pope Alexander VI, formerly known as Rodrigo Borgia from Spain, is the powerful man in Rome. The father of several children, his plans for each of them show his need for more power and control. His daughter, Lucrezia is, especially in her eyes, his favorite, and she tells this story as her life is manipulated by her beloved father.

The Pope is all powerful, at least he tries to assert his influence in every way possible, but outside forces make it difficult at times. To Lucrezia, her life revolves around her father, and she trusts him explicitly. But should she? She notices little events here and there that make her question him, but he assures her that everything he does is for love of God and love of her. Yet, she soon becomes a pawn between Rome and one of the Pope's adversaries when she is wed to a man her father hopes will stem the troubles.

Lucrezia observes everything, and she hopes she can trust those around her to not let her down. But power and control are more important to some than a beautiful young woman who just happens to be the Pope's daughter.

Told in her own words, THE VATICAN PRINCESS is an in depth, behind-the-scenes tale of Lucrezia and how she tried to manage her life in a man's world. Will her adoration of her father fade as she discovers his manipulation of his family dynamics? A dangerous time for anyone, Lucrezia must use her wits to lead as normal a life as is possible for a Borgia.

Beautifully written, THE VATICAN PRINCESS is filled with amazing historical characters who are brought to life in a meticulously researched story. Don't miss this excellent novel.

Jani Brooks