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SHADOW OF DEATH – Heather Graham
Amy Larson & Hunter Forrest, #3
Mira (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-7783-3349-4
April 18, 2023
Romantic Thriller

Florida and Colorado

Amy Larson an officer with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is on loan to the FBI and working with FBI Agent Hunter Forrest. Amy and Hunter have grown close during their investigation of the “Horseman” murders. They have figured out that the “Horsemen” is a cult predicting Armageddon and is recruiting people to their cause of cleansing the sinful so when the end times come those sinners can enter heaven. However, to cleanse the sinner they use barbaric tactics, such as murder to “help the sinners”.

Currently, Amy and Hunter are on leave after Hunter was injured in the last “Horseman “investigation, they were involved in. When two hikers go missing in Colorado, Amy and Hunter are called back to duty. A small plastic toy horse was delivered to Assistant Field Director Andy Mason, a colleague of Hunter in the FBI. There is no doubt in Hunter’s mind that this is connected to the prior “Horseman” investigation.

Hunter and Amy immediately head to Colorado to assist with finding the missing hikers. They quickly realize the conspiracy of the “Horsemen” is bigger than they imagined and will take all their skill and information to find the group, and hopefully their leader, to stop this dangerous and blood thirsty cult. But even if they stop this cell of the cult, is there another “horse” out there? Will they figure out the answer to who is leading the bloody rampage or will they have to wait for the next “Horse” to fall.

SHADOW OF DEATH is a gripping novel of suspense and mystery. Who is behind this movement, is it really about religion or is it about power? It will take grit, determination and co-operation among several law enforcement agencies, especially when the trail leads Amy and Hunter back to the Florida Everglades, where the first murders were committed.

I enjoyed the pace and plot of SHADOW OF DEATH and watching the relationship and partnership between Amy and Hunter grow stronger. I have not read the first two books in this series, and fully intend to, but had no problem following the continuing story of the “Horsemen”. For a suspense and mystery filled novel I highly recommend Heather Graham’s SHADOW OF DEATH.

Terrie Figueroa

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