Heart of Texas , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-25004-9
December 2019
Contemporary Romance

Texas – Present Day

Sheriff Danny Oldman's life is pretty busy, though his social life is nonexistent. After arriving home late one night, he decides to go out for a meal, but takes it to go and heads to a roadside rest stop. While eating his meal, another car pulls up and parks not too far away from his. A few minutes later, another car pulls up and a man gets out. It doesn't take long for Danny to realize that he's about to witness a domestic dispute and calls for backup. Indeed, the man who just arrived starts threatening the female driver of the first car and breaks her window. After identifying himself as a law enforcement officer, Danny arrests him. To his surprise, the victim turns out to be Skylar Long, a girl he knew from high school—and one he was always attracted to and never forgot about.

Skylar left her childhood behind once she graduated, but after she realizes that her ex, Matt, is bad news, she hightails it back to her hometown. Matt is the epitome of an abuser, one who knows just how and where to hurt his victim without others realizing it. Despite being arrested, Matt continues to make threats and Skylar accepts the help of Danny and his friends, including staying at the well-guarded ranch of one. Sparks soon fly between Danny and Skylar. Will they get the chance to act upon their mutual attraction? Matt remains in town after he's released. Will he pose a threat to Skylar—and any future she might want with Danny?

Danny and his friends are like one big family and will do just about anything to help each other. After he “rescues” Skylar, Danny goes into protection mode. Matt is the son of a powerful Texas family who will do anything to buy their son's innocence, even at the cost of Skylar's reputation. Danny wants to go full speed ahead to explore their chemistry, but she puts the temporary brakes on it for now. It does make sense to be careful, because Matt is already accusing Skylar of having an affair with Danny before they split to make it seem like he's the innocent one. Danny soon realizes that he will need to explore Matt's past, because most abusers have a pattern of abusive behavior.

Once Danny and Skylar realize their attraction is mutual, they explore possible ways for her to stay in town. And, of course, share some sizzling hot kisses. How will Matt react when he learns that Skylar and Danny are seeing one another? Are they in danger? Even if you haven't read the three prior books in the Heart of Texas series, A COWBOY LIKE YOU can easily be read as a standalone because this tale is about Danny and Skylar's romance.

They knew each other in high school but never got the chance to find out if they could have a future together. Now Danny and Skylar get a second chance and make the most of it. A fun and enjoyable romance, don't miss A COWBOY LIKE YOU.

Patti Fischer