BLAZE – Donna Grant
A Dark Kings Novel , Book 11
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-10955-2
June 2017

London – The Present

Dragon King Anson is in London with another dragon's mate, Kinsey (SMOKE & FIRE, volume 9), and Esther, an MI5 agent, working with the dragons to find out who is giving the Kyvor company all the information they have on dragons. The company used Kinsey to try to infiltrate Dreagan Distillery, which is part of the Dragon ‘front' for hiding their existence. Kyvor tracked Kinsey in both the real world and on-line. The two women think Devon Abrams, an employee of Kyvor, might be the best way to infiltrate the company's data. Anson, however, can't explain his strong attraction to Devon. When he does, within a short time he is captured.

Devon Abrams is working very hard to move up the ladder to success at Kyvor and has great hopes, but some strange emails change that. In addition, she dreams of a very handsome man in her bedroom. Soon she learns what an evil company Kyvor is; not only that, they are tracking her as they did previous employee Kinsey.

In the series' overall story, Dragons, Warriors, Light Fae, and mie, or good, Druids are at war against the Dark Fae and the Dragon King Ulrick, who is banned from the rest of the dragons. The war goes on traveling in different directions. A powerful drough, or evil, Druid now works with the forces of dark and within Kyvor. The queen of the Light Fae has gone absent from the Fae, following her own desires. Rhi, a former queen's guard, has changed. Although still light, she can feel darkness within her, and she has the reaper, Daire, following her. Furthermore, even after centuries of separation, she still longs for her former Dragon King lover although she is involved with Balladyn, a Dark Fae. Balladyn and Ulrick also face problems. More incidents show evil is growing.

Author Donna Grant describes most of the back history of this series very effectively, so readers could start with this volume. But they will want to read at least some of the former books in the series. It is a very good fantasy series set in today's world.

Robin Lee