FEVER  -  Donna Grant
A Dark Kings Novel Book 16
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1250182913
ISBN-13: 978-1250182913
October 29, 2019

Keltan, one of the Dragon Kings, is in a Glasgow restaurant's small meeting room listening to anthropologist Bernadette Davies' presentation. Ulrik, in the absence of the King of Dragon Kings, Constantine (Con), had sent Keltan to learn what he could and if there were a threat to the Dragon Kings. Davies claims dragons are real and proceeds to give proof, mentioning Draegan, the famous whiskey maker, as the home of the dragons. While convincing many, Keltan observed she gave no verifiable proof, but he is worried. Afterward, while Davies is eating in the restaurant, Keltan has the waiter take the woman a glass of Draegan whiskey. She motions for him to join her. He finds her very attractive and his mind and body respond to her, but he has decided to never take a mate.

Bernadette recognized Keltan for a dragon, but she found him handsome, kind, and far from what she expected. It raised doubts about the information her source had provided about the dragons, Usaeil, a woman who claimed to be the Fae Queen. After another meeting where Usaeil starts making demands and threats to Bernadette, the anthropologist decides to take a trip to Draegon. Once there, all her preconceptions are challenged and everything changes, but Usaeil places a dangerous spell on Bernadette.

Keltan's and Bernadette's mutual attraction inevitably leads to much more, but Bernadette, now better informed about Usaeil and the Others, knows she can only present a threat to the Dragon Kings. In this story more truth emerges about Usaeil. With all her evil, how can she be the Queen of the Light Fae, and what would happen if she achieved her desire to rule all the Fae, Druids, and Dragon Kings? Where is Con and what is he doing? The Dragon Kings face more danger and combat without their leader, but also learn more about the Others.

During the early chapters, when Keltan explains the situation to Bernadette, he also explains it to any new reader, so reading all the previous volumes isn't necessary. Another outstanding story in a long and still growing series.

Robin Lee