INFERNO Donna Grant
A Dark Kings Novel Book 18
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1250182956
ISBN-13: 978-1250182951
August 25, 2020
Fantasy Fiction

Scotland and Ireland the Present

Inferno is the last book in this very long series, and is the story of the King of Dragon Kings, Constantine (Con), and his life mate Rhiannon (Rhi), who have been separated for many, many (thousands) years, causing them both great grief. The separation was Con's action. His reason was his duty as the King of Dragon Kings-- he had to protect his brethren from the dangers surrounding them. Now, as so many of his fellow kings have found their life mates, he believes the pain of his separation will finally destroy him. Then his fellow kings come up with a plan. One that might well help Con while also helping to destroy their enemies who want the dragon king's magic and realm.

Rhi has been devastated and angry with Con since they separated, but she has achieved amazing things. Now she is the queen of the Light Fae. She understands how Con's suggestion that their appearing to get back together will infuriate their enemy, the former queen of the Light Fae and magically powerful Usaeil. Rhi believes the plan will work, so she agrees. She tells Con to expect nothing more. They can draw Usaeil out, and hopefully, destroy her and might prevent a war. Many different magic factions are in play. Many want to support the Dragon Kings, but many others with very powerful magic want to destroy them. Con is in a battle for his sanity and his life as well as the protection of the Dragon Kings.

Con and Rhi have had parts in all the previous novels of the series and I strongly suspected Con was Rhi's lost Dragon King. The story takes many unexpected turns and twists, and when dealing with magic, anything can go astray. Con's friend, the Queen of Death, relates many surprising secrets she has kept for ages from both Rhi and Con. The story has some hot scenes, lots of danger, and exposes some kinky family history. It also brings characters from many of Donna Grant's different Dark Series into the story. The story presents a satisfying ending and perhaps the opening to a new series.

Robin Lee.