HIS RISK Shelley Shepard Gray
The Amish of Hart County , Book 4
Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-06-246915-1
E-book: 978-0-06-246916-8
March 2018
Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Hart County, Kentucky, the Present

Not all families are loving, even among the Amish communities in the area. The two sons of the Fisher family had little chance growing up happily with an absent mother and a brutal father. Though the elder brother, Mark, who tried to take care of younger Calvin, returned home to Horse Cave and has since married a sweet Amish girl. Calvin left at fourteen and quickly got into trouble so serious that he ended up owing thousands of dollars to a gun and drug running gang, the Kings. They are bossed by a criminal going by the name of West.

Though he lives a life as an Englisher (non-Amish), Calvin is not totally evil, but the only way he can pay West what he owes is to become an undercover informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency. He can't fail to pay his debt or tell anyone about his deal with the DEA or he's a dead man . . . and his family and friends are put in danger.

Calvin suddenly gets a phone call from his brother's wife asking him to come home. It seems Mark is scheduled for surgery to remove a cancerous kidney. Calvin remembers when Mark protected him from their father, so he travels to his old home. The reunion is difficult, and so is his meeting with a local Amish maiden, a pretty preschool teacher named Alice Yoder. Alice will have a run-in with the father of one of her students, with her best friend, Irene, becoming involved.

The plot gets even more complicated when West enters the picture. Why is he in the area?

Ms. Gray does an excellent job of creating suspense-filled stories and characters with depth. As number four in the Amish of Hart County series, the setting and population of HIS RISK may be familiar to readers, but each of the episodes easily stands alone. You'll want to read them all if you haven't, then wait for the next book coming out in July.

Jane Bowers