SHALL WE DANCE - Shelley Shepard Gray
The Dance With Me Series - Book 1
Blackstone Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-9826-5852-6
January 28, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Bridgeport, Ohio - the Present

On a whim, Shannon Murphy did a DNA test only to shockingly learn her parents were not her biological parents. Then she discovered she had two older sisters: Kimber, a New York model, and Traci, a policewoman in Cleveland. Now at age twenty-seven, she convinces Traci and Kimber to live one year with her in Bridgeport, Ohio. They are strangers, but all three are eager to establish a relationship. So they agree to live in Shannon's recently purchased building where the three sisters will live on the third floor which has been converted into a living area, and Shannon will use the first floor to establish Dance With Me, her ballroom dance studio. Kimber will continue to work as her agent calls her, and Traci has joined the Bridgeport police department.

Policeman Dylan Lange must take five dance lessons as penance reparations for losing a bet with his fantasy football league. He is not excited about it, but the dance teacher is not anything like the old woman he had envisioned the instructor must be. Shannon is an attractive young woman. Later he learns his new partner Traci is Shannon's sister. He thinks his initial reaction to the forced dance lessons has made Shannon see him only as a temporary client, not someone interested in her. Dylan has another, more serious problem. His younger sister Jennifer is living with him. Two years ago, she was found beaten and raped in her college parking lot. Ever since she has had trouble just leaving his house, and any type of social function frightens her. She desperately needs her brother.

These situations create an intriguing and emotional story which will compel readers to continue until the story's end. As the details of the three sister's backgrounds and Jennifer's plight become known, the reader becomes attached to the characters. Everyone who reads SHALL WE DANCE will be eager to read about Traci in the next story in this series, TAKE THE LEAD.

Robin Lee