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A Snowflake Sisters Novel
ISBN: 978-0063241138
January 31, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Silver Lake, Wisconsin – Present Day

After being the responsible member of her family for years, Poppy McGuire is ready to spend some alone time without them. With her work schedule, the only time she can take two weeks off is at Christmas, and aware that her sisters would interfere if she told them what she was doing, Poppy takes off without notice to a remote home on Silver Lake. She only leaves them a note explaining that she needs some time away. Poppy arrives at the rented cabin and settles in, but her peace is shattered by the arrival of Sam, the next-door neighbor. 

Sam didn’t realize the cabin had been rented out and stopped by to check on the renter. The moment he meets Poppy, he’s attracted to her. She makes it clear that she’s there for peace and tranquility, but that doesn’t stop them from spending time with each other. Sam enjoys being around Poppy, but the peace is soon shattered by the arrival of her sisters, Marigold, and Cam. They had found out where Poppy is and was worried because they always spend Christmas together. Will the vacation that Poppy wanted away from her family ruin her plan?

Poppy’s mother died when she was around eleven, leaving behind a mourning husband and three daughters. As the oldest, Poppy took over the “mother” duties, but soon it became apparent that everyone in her family depended on her to take care of them. No one wanted to take care of Poppy! Her father couldn’t do anything and let Poppy take over. Her sisters couldn’t organize or plan anything without consulting Poppy. The arrival of Marigold and Cam at the cabin throws her for a loss at first. Especially since it interfered with her growing romance with Sam. She feels the stress coming back.

Sam tries to make it easier for Poppy. It helps that he is an easygoing guy and can assess situations. Instead of backing off, he integrates himself into her family and makes time alone with her, even if it’s only “taking out the garbage.” But Poppy is going to have to deal with her family and their reliance on her. In HIDEAWAY AT SILVER LAKE, it takes time for her plan to work. Even as the sisters leave to head back home to Madison, Poppy knows that they will be back for Christmas Eve—at Silver Lake. Will it be a happy time for Poppy? 

I would categorize HIDEAWAY AT SILVER LAKE as a sweet romance. While there is kissing and lovemaking, most of it is behind closed doors. Readers will enjoy the emotion and the blooming love between Poppy and Sam. Sam has a family too, and readers get to meet them also, as well as his goofus dog, Bubbles. But will Marigold, Cam, and their father get their act together and stop relying on Poppy? Will Sam and Poppy be able to extend their romance beyond the Christmas holidays? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of HIDEAWAY AT SILVER LAKE.

Patti Fischer

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