A Kilts and Quilts Novel
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-4514-76401-1
January 2017
Contemporary Romance

Gandiegow, Scotland

Rachel Granger is back in Gandiegow, this time with her young daughter, Hannah. Hannah's late father's grandfather, Abraham, is not well, and Rachel wants her to meet him and to have a “normal” Christmas. Since separating from Hannah's father, Joe, and then his tragic death in a car accident, Rachel and Hannah have been living in the hotel that Rachel manages. It's hardly the home she wishes for her daughter, but it's been their way of life. Ironically, on the flight from Chicago to Glasgow, her seatmate is Cait Buchanan, a resident of Gandiegow. The only person Rachel is worried about seeing again is Joe's cousin, Brodie – the man she really loved, and the one she rejected the day of her wedding to Joe because her mother insisted Brodie was not good enough. Rachel still loves him, but knows that he will never forgive her.

Brodie Wallace is stunned when Rachel and her daughter arrive in Gandiegow. He, too, has recently returned to his hometown to work the family's fishing boat, as well as to watch over his grandfather. Now his heart must fight the hurt Rachel inflicted on him six years ago, and he must be strong for his grandfather's sake.

What Rachel doesn't plan on is Deydie, the village matriarch, the one person no one wants to cross or challenge. She immediately seizes control of Rachel's visit when she sees the Christmas tree quilt that Rachel made. Before Rachel knows it, she's been ordered to give classes at Quilting Central and Deydie will not take no for an answer. Rachel also agrees to stay at Abraham's house, which means daily encounters with Brodie, whose cold reception is being swayed by Hannah.

The Kilts and Quilts series continues with this sweet story of two people who have hurt each other, but who cannot forget the feelings they shared. Rachel's unhappy marriage to Joe comes to a head shortly after their daughter's birth, and while she feels some sadness about his death, she knew that his lifestyle was never going to coincide with hers or Hannah's. Brodie suffers the pain of knowing that Rachel truly loved him, but chose Joe. And he wonders if she still loves him?

IT HAPPENED IN SCOTLAND is an enjoyable, poignant read. Returning to the unique little village is always a treat. Characters from previous novels return, and readers will catch up with their lives.

Jani Brooks