Dear Lady Truelove Series , Book 1
Avon Books
ISBN:  978-0-06-246985-4
April 2017
Historical Romance

London, England - 1892

Irene Deverill's grandfather started The Weekly Gazette , and for years published newsworthy stories, but when he died, Irene's father took over the business and it nearly went bust in just five years.  Desperate to save their livelihood and the family legacy, Irene took charge, changed the paper's name to Society Snippets and began to publish what has quickly become a very successful scandal rag.  Her best achievement is the Lady Truelove advice column, with Irene as the unknown ghost writer.

Henry Cavanaugh, the Duke of Torquil, has a plate full of trouble, from his irresponsible family to his estate duties, and now his mother has gone missing!  All thanks to the advice of a newspaper columnist named Lady Truelove.  The Dowager Duchess might already have run away and been married to a fortune hunter twenty years her junior!

When the Duke bursts into Irene's office he is angry and wants revenge.  But Irene isn't worried.  She presents her side of the story and sees the Duke out of her home.  But he's back all too soon with startling news:  he has purchased Society Snippets from her father, and she is to stop publishing her beloved paper immediately!  Irene pleads for her business and the Duke decides to consider her request on one condition:  Irene must live in his home for the next two weeks and persuade his mother to change her mind.  In return, she may keep her business and the Duke will pay all her expenses during her stay, and also introduce her sister Clara into Society, but only if Irene agrees to help his mother see the error of her ways.

THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND DUKES is a great book!  Henry and Irene are as opposite as can be:  he is the straight-laced Duke of Torquil and Irene is merely a working girl, albeit the disinherited granddaughter of a Viscount.  Irene is in danger of losing her very heart to this handsome man, but she is determined to keep running her business and writing Lady Truelove's column!  She agrees to Henry's demands to save the business and to ensure Clara's future, but how can she not help falling in love with the enigmatic duke?  And Henry was in love with Irene the moment he saw her, admiring her spirit, her beauty, and her independence.  He wants to save his mother from her own folly, and what better way to keep Irene under his control than to have her move into his house?

The first novel in the Dear Lady Truelove Series , THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND DUKES is a great book!  Sister Clara's story, THE TROUBLE WITH TRUE LOVE, is scheduled to debut in February 2018.

Grab a copy of THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND DUKES and get started on this new and unique series of stories!

Diana Risso