Harlequin Dare
ISBN: 978-0-263-93204-1
February 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

London, England – Present Day

Olivia “Libby” Noble came to London to speak at a business seminar and encounters billionaire businessman Alex Lancaster at the after party. Everyone has heard of Alex and meeting him in person has Libby understanding why he's so powerful. She is drawn to his attractiveness and is stunned when he immediately latches onto her. Before the night is over, Alex is proposing they work together on a project and asking her out. Of course, Libby can't refuse him, because he has this insane effect on her.

Libby will be in London for only a week, but why not enjoy the time and have a fling with the sexy and rich Alex? His smooth seduction of her leads them to the bedroom, where he proves to be a masterful lover. Alex is used to getting his way and is persuasive in getting Libby to change her original plan to tour London. Even as she enjoys their one-week fling, she is aware that she will soon leave. But leaving Alex may prove to be hard as Libby begins to fall in love with him.

The name of this book, A WEEK TO BE WILD, pretty much sums what is going on between Libby and Alex. She's there to give a speech and do a little business and touristy things, but she ends up getting deliciously sidetracked by him. He is used to getting his way and knows how to use his charms. Libby hasn't been involved with another man since her fiancé was killed years ago, so she's ripe for a little romance. Alex is insatiable, and Libby can match him as she makes up for lost time.

The chemistry between Alex and Libby in A WEEK TO BE WILD is like a slow burn that finally bursts into flames. She is stunned at her reaction to him when she spots him staring at her at the party. Because she hasn't been in the dating pool for a while, she isn't sure how to react. But Alex convinces her to meet with him…for a potential business deal, of course. In A WEEK TO BE WILD, not all their time is spent in bed as he takes her on adventures to see the country. He has a business to run, but he wants her by his side, in and out of bed.

Libby lets her hair down in the sizzling hot A WEEK TO BE WILD by JC Harroway. Will their fling lead to something more?

Patti Fischer