SMOOTH MOVES – Marie Harte
Veteran Movers , Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1492670476
June 2019
Contemporary Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Former military vets Cash Griffin and Jordan Fleming recently started working together at the moving company Cash owns with his brother, Reid. Jordan is sassy and tough, which is something Cash can relate to, but there is also something about Jordan that seems to rub him the wrong way. It doesn't help that they usually get put together on moving jobs. Yet, as much as they clash, there is a sizzling awareness between them that can't be ignored. But both have too much on their plates to get involved with anyone right now.

Cash and Reid's mother recently died, leaving her house to Cash, who feels guilty he is getting something his brother should have at least half of. But Reid doesn't care. Can Cash get over the guilt?  As he goes through her things, he learns their mother had secrets. Will it affect his future—and change his past?

Jordan's teenage brother, Rafi, recently moved in with her because he wasn't getting along with his parents (Jordan's mother and stepfather) and was proving to be obstinate. What she doesn't realize is that there is a lot more going on with Rafi—things that Cash soon learns about. Can Cash help Rafi end up in the right place? What about the mutual attraction that's brewing between Cash and Jordan?

SMOOTH MOVES is an interesting read with a multitude of characters that expands beyond the moving company. At times, it was a little hard to keep track of who was who, but halfway through the book I finally got it figured out. Jordan isn't looking for any relationship with a man beyond those she works with, yet she's very aware of Cash. But she mistakes their antagonistic working relationship as two people who are different from each other. In fact, Cash and Jordan are a lot alike. Both are proud, independent, hard workers, and currently dealing with family issues. Early in SMOOTH MOVES, they give into their sexual fantasies with each other and it is then that they start to see the other as something more than co-workers. But both continue to hold back their secrets, which proves to be a barrier to furthering things between them. Can they overcome them? Will it involve starting to trust one another enough to confide in each other?

Love finds Cash and Jordan just when they think they don't have anything to offer another person. Their tale in SMOOTH MOVES is emotional and sexy, and one I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer