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The Merriwell Sisters - Book 3
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250787804
November 7, 2023
Historical Romance

London - 1830

Galahad Sinclair finally seems to be realizing his dream of building and running a pleasure palace. The small gambling hall he's owned since arriving in England from New York has helped him finance this dream. The opportunity to buy a group of buildings in Covent Garden will guarantee him a spot in the middle of "sin city". There's only one tiny problem. The building next to his houses is an orphanage where his cousin's sister-in-law, Venus Merriwell, volunteers. To Gal, Venus has always seemed overly pious and unapproachable, despite her lovely looks. He'll have to tread carefully.

Venus, Vee to her family and friends, has not had much luck in the love department. After being unceremoniously dumped by a previous suitor, she has decided that marriage is not in her future. Her work at the orphanage has strengthened that resolve, despite having to find ways to help finance the crumbling building, and keep the children safe. Now there is the unbelievable chance that a gambling hall will open up next door, thanks to her brother-in-law's cousin, Galahad. The two have never hit it off, and this event will not help.

Reading Vee's diary entries at the beginning of each chapter, readers will get an up-close view of why she holds her heart close, and is reluctant to let that guard down. But Gal is loosening some of those guards with his attention, although they still argue about too many things. For Gal, seeing a different side of Vee has made him wonder about his own reluctance to let a woman get close. 

Can Vee and Gal get over their animosity for each other? And what will come of Gal's dream business and the orphanage? Readers will need to wait for those answers as the duo spar, think about their futures, and wonder if dreams do come true.

NEVER WAGER WITH A WALLFLOWER is Book 3 of the Merriwell Sisters, and has one surprise after another. Enjoy!

Jani Brooks 

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