ONE WEEK TO CLAIM IT ALL – Adriana Herrera
Sambrano Studios, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2810
ISBN: 978-1-335-23295-3
July 2021

Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Esmeralda Sambrano-Peña was the illegitimate daughter of media mogul Patricio Sambrano, but they had no real relationship thanks to her stepmother, Carmelina. With the one-year anniversary of her father's death approaching, Esme receives a final letter from her father's attorneys. In his will, he decreed that she would inherit the CEO position at the company, but so far, she has resisted the request. However today, the final day she can accept before total control goes to Carmelina and her two children, Esme decides to finally take on the job. She will prove to everyone, including her former lover and current temporary CEO, Rodrigo Almanzar, that she can take on the challenge and make the company grow. But will being around Rodrigo stir up old feelings?

Ten years ago, Esme and Rodrigo became secret lovers while both worked for Patricio at the media empire. But things went to hell after Carmelina produced a fake paternity test to “prove” that Patricio wasn't Esme's father. Unknown to her, Rodrigo stepped in to help prove it was fake—and to lessen the damage after Esme and her mother were kicked out of the apartment that Patricio paid for. But the price Rodrigo paid was that he had to break off his affair to Esme. Somehow, Patricio had found out and had forbidden him to date his daughter. But Esme doesn't know the truth of why he ended things. Now, they are forced to work together.

Rodrigo has hopes of being named the permanent CEO of the company, though with Carmelina as one of the major shareholders he may not get that chance because she wants to sell the company. He is aware that Esme is still hurting from their breakup ten years ago, so he won't try and rekindle it. The company is too important to him. When Esme walks into the Board of Directors meeting and announces that she will accept the CEO position that her father entrusted to her, he admires her as much as he is concerned with how she will be able to take on the task. She has one week to make a presentation to the Board of Directors so they can vote to approve her as the CEO. In talking to her, he soon learns that their vision for the company's future appears similar, but can she pull it off since she doesn't want him to help her? Yet, they are required to interact. Will those old feelings rise to the surface again? Will they end up back where they began…as lovers?

ONE WEEK TO CLAIM IT ALL is a reunited lovers tale and a battle of the sexes all wrapped into one. Will Esme win both the CEO position and the man she loves, Rodrigo? Find out by picking up a copy of this intriguing and sexy tale.

Patti Fischer