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Harlequin Desire #2932
ISBN: 978-1-335-58171-6
March 2023

Contemporary Series Romance

Charlotte, North Carolina & Washington, DC – Present Day

As AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN opens, Layne Davis and Paul Waverly are coworkers at WNCC television station—and secret lovers. Paul is the top anchor and Layne is one of the station’s producers, but she has ambitions to become an anchor herself. Things seem to be going smoothly for them as a couple, and Paul even proposes marriage. Then, Layne is offered the chance of a lifetime as a producer at WWDC in Washington, DC, home of the nation’s second-rated morning show. It would, however, make her relationship with Paul harder since they would be living far apart. After much hesitation, she tells him about the job offer. He is supportive and she takes the job, but soon they are drifting apart and eventually break up.

Fast forward three years later. Layne is still the producer of the morning show at WWDC, no closer to her dream job of being an anchor. But one day, the male cohost of the show is suspended, and a new face is brought in to replace him: Paul. Layne feels like she was hit in the gut because she was not considered for the position. Things are awkward between Paul and Layne at first, but there’s no denying the attraction is still there. But with Paul now hired for the job she wanted, will Layne ever realize her dreams of becoming a news anchor?

Right from the moment readers meet Layne and Paul in AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN they are in love. They spend their nights together, though they keep things professional at the station as they aren’t sure how the management will feel about two employees having a mutual affair. Layne has her ambitions and hopes that one day she and Paul could work side by side, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. The job offer in Washington is a big one and could lead to more opportunities.  She grapples with her decision because it means seeing Paul less. While he is supportive of her, even he wonders how they can keep the fires burning long distance. 

Readers get a glimpse of life in the television industry and how being the anchor of a show is the pillar of success. Paul is popular and much in demand. Turns out Layne’s WWDC supervisor dangled the national job in front of Paul. Did she know about his prior relationship with Layne? As for Paul, he hoped by taking the job that he could rekindle the romance with Layne. Right now, she appears upset with him.

As you can tell, this tale is a bit of a different romance. It’s clear that Paul and Layne love each other, but will their career ambitions get in the way of a happily ever after for them? Find out the answer by picking up AFTER THE LIGHTS GO DOWN.

Patti Fischer

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