A Perfect 10
Seasons of the Heart , Book 6
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3311-0
October 2015
Amish Inspirational Romance

Willow Ridge, Missouri Present Day

Lost in a snow storm, heavily pregnant Lena Esh and her boyfriend, Josiah Witmer, are searching for Hiram Knepp's settlement called Higher Ground, when the one of their horses throws a shoe.  Luckily, they happen upon farrier Ben Hooley right outside his smithy in Willow Ridge.

Lena and Josiah are arguing loudly when they arrive at the smithy, and, as Ben and his wife Miriam offer them a place to stay, Ben cautions them to control their actions as Miriam is also expecting a child, and he does not want his wife upset with any discordance the young couple might bring into their happy home.  Josiah assures Ben that their stay is only temporary until they can make their way to Higher Ground, where he has accepted a catering job from Willow Ridge's former bishop, Hiram Knepp.  Josiah's wagon carries tools of his trade, grills and other paraphernalia he uses for barbecuing, an unusual trade for an Amish man.

Determined to go on to Higher Ground and locate Hiram's supper club, the next morning, Josiah leaves Lena behind with the Hooleys and returns having found no evidence that the establishment where Hiram promised him a job even exists.  Warned by the Hooleys and other Willow Ridge residents about the former Bishop Knepp's misdoings, Josiah and Lena decide to stay in Willow Ridge, and Josiah accepts Miriam's offer of a job at the Sweet Season's Cafe.

Ben has crafted a lovely CHRISTMAS CRADLE as a surprise for Miriam and their new baby, and this new piece of furniture will become a true blessing as the holidays draw near and babies are being born.  This very special novel, THE CHRISTMAS CRADLE, is the sixth book in The Seasons of the Heart series , and unfortunately, it's also the final book in the series.  I cried when I read the author's note about the end of this wonderful series. I felt as if I had lost a best friend!  These books are full of wonderful and loving characters and the solace of faith.  These books are so extraordinary, if you haven't yet had the pleasure of discovering them, please visit the author's website at for a complete list of novels.

There isn't much I can write here about the happenings of THE CHRISTMAS CRADLE.  This book changes the town of Willow Ridge and brings both joy and heartache at its stunning conclusion.  The good news is that a spinoff series, Simple Gifts , will debut in 2016!  Simple Gifts will bring us back to Willow Ridge and back into the lives of the people who reside here, along with new characters and new and wonderful stories.

THE CHRISTMAS CRADLE is a very special book and more than A Perfect 10!

Diana Risso