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St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250871923
September 26, 2023

Contemporary Romance

Lake Tahoe – Present Day

On Christmas Eve, just hours before Rebecca Huntley is to marry Ben, he comes to her and tells her that he cannot marry her because he has fallen in love with a coworker. Devastated and not wanting to stick around San Francisco, she decides to keep their honeymoon reservations at an inn in a charming small town called Christmas Cove and spend the rest of the holidays there. She has barely arrived when she runs into an old college classmate, Zach Mason. He had heard about her marriage plans with Ben and assumed they were both there on their honeymoon. She doesn’t correct him, especially since Zach appears to be there with an older woman. 

When Zach spotted Rebecca in the restaurant, he didn’t want her to know he was a waiter rather than the filmmaker he always aspired to be. He sat down at an empty table when he spied Rebecca, he pretended to study the menu and greeted her when she spotted him. A few minutes later, a woman comes to the table and sits down next to him, pretending that they are together. Later, after Rebecca leaves the restaurant, Zach talks to the woman, and he tells her that he just got fired by his employer. She invites him to stay in her two-bedroom suite. Zach is working on a filmmaking contest, and she offers to help him as his film subject. He figures that he won’t be seeing Rebecca anymore since she is with Ben, even though she was evasive where he was.

CHRISTMAS AT THE LAKE starts off with a lot of little white lies. Rebecca liked Zach in college, but she ended up dating Ben. She is embarrassed over what happened with their failed marriage plans and continues throughout most of this tale to tell Zach that Ben is either busy or he had to return to San Francisco for work. Zach had big plans in college and has traveled the world but now he is at the end of his rope. Either win the contest or face giving up his dream career. Because Rebecca assumed that he was a successful filmmaker, he couldn’t tell her the truth. Just when he is about to confess, something or someone interrupts them, such as Ben showing up in town. 

There are a couple of side plots going on that are similar. The woman who befriended Zach talks on camera about her first love. It helps him provide insight into the matters of love. Rebecca runs into a man who is looking for someone to plan an event for New Year’s night. She is great at planning events and takes the job. She figures it will help her forget about her failed marriage plans and get her mind off Ben. She starts reading postcards written by the man journaling his failed romance while he was in Europe. Along the way, Rebecca and Zach continue to run into each other and spend some time together talking. He never forgot that he loved her, but it was Ben that she fell in love with. Of course, the groom-to-be shows up, wanting forgiveness. Will she forgive the man who ultimately broke her heart? Will she tell Zach the truth—and that she is beginning to fall for him?

There is little true romance between Rebecca and Zach at first in CHRISTMAS AT THE LAKE. It’s more about the lies hanging between them and learning about how the path to love isn’t always smooth, but when there is a way, love wins. Will they end up with their happily-ever-after? Are things over between Ben and Rebecca? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of CHRISTMAS AT THE LAKE.

Patti Fischer

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