HANDLE WITH CARE – Helena Hunting
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-018399-6
August 27, 2019
Romantic Comedy

New York City – Present Day

After the sudden death of his father, Lincoln Moorhead returns to New York City after spending years in Central America doing charity work to avoid being around his parents and brother. He thought it'd be a quick trip, but it turns out it will be longer. In his father's will, Lincoln has been named the temporary CEO of the company for six months. While he doesn't want to do it, he really has no choice. And he will be under the tutelage of a “handler” by the name of Wren Sterling, who will make sure he dresses properly and says the right things. Wren annoys the heck out of Lincoln, yet she intrigues him. Because they have to work so closely together, it's inevitable that their relationship soon turns into a mutual attraction.

Wren sees Lincoln as a caveman. He's big, uncouth, and scraggly. It's up to her to turn him into a New York City businessman. At first, Lincoln resists the changes, mainly because Wren is a stick-in-the-mud, but soon he's going along with her suggestions. Especially once he sees the effect his new appearance has on her. Their attraction leads to kisses, and much more, but neither wants to risk a scandal if their affair is discovered. Wren doesn't want anyone to think she's trying to sleep her way to the top.

There's a battle brewing in HANDLE WITH CARE as Wren is tasked with the job of turning Lincoln into looking like the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company. Wren comes from a good family—her father is a Senator—and she only took the job as Lincoln's handler at the request of her mother, who is friends with Lincoln's mother. The moment they meet, sparks fly, though he is pretty much on his way to being drunk. After discovering what Wren will be doing with him, Lincoln balks, but his mother is insistent.  He only agrees because his beloved grandmother encourages him to cooperate, for the company's sake. Lincoln's relationship with his mother and brother is tenuous at best, and with him back in town, it's exacerbated even more. Turns out Wren is a breath of fresh air while he's doing a job he really hates.

HANDLE WITH CARE will have readers chuckling as Wren and Lincoln face-off right from the start. She's not afraid of sparring with him, while he's fascinated by her mouth, specifically her lipstick that never wears off. He wants it off—and more! Even as they fall for each other, Lincoln and Wren face outside forces that want to sabotage their relationship, which includes a little blackmail. By the end of HANDLE WITH CARE, they will become a force to reckon with, as Lincoln learns a few truths that open his eyes to exactly what his family is. Will it end with him returning to Costa Rica? Will Lincoln and Wren be able to find a future together?

Grab a copy of HANDLE WITH CARE, then sit down with a cool drink and prepare to fall in love with two mismatched characters. They will have you laughing, smiling, and squealing throughout this fun tale.

Patti Fischer