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MAKE A WISH – Helena Hunting
Spark House , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1250624741
January 24, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Present Day

Harley Spark loves being around children, but she gave up her dream to work in child development to work alongside her sisters London and Avery to open Spark House, an event center and hotel. Years ago, Harley was a nanny for Gavin Rhodes, who had lost his beloved wife when she gave birth to his daughter, Peyton. However, months later, he abruptly moved to be closer to his in-laws. Did an almost kiss with Harley lead to his decision to leave? That question has haunted her for years. Spark House hosts children’s parties, and one day, Harley is stunned to see Gavin there with Peyton. Turns out that he has moved back to Colorado Springs. He is friendly, even though a bit reserved with her, but Peyton is excited to reconnect with Harley. Will what happened between Harley and Gavin be addressed?

Harley is soon spending lots of time with Peyton—and Gavin. They get along great, and she is good with the little girl. Harley has a boyfriend, Chad, but it is quickly becoming apparent that their relationship is not good. Chad doesn’t like the time she’s spending with Peyton and Gavin, yet he is more interested in his gaming and fantasy sports than her. After deciding to break up with Chad, it allows her to focus more on Peyton—and leads to Gavin asking her out on a date. Is there a romance blooming between them? It’s clear that they like each other, but Gavin isn’t ready to make any commitment. 

MAKE A WISH is an emotional tale that will tug at your heartstrings. Peyton is an adorable child who latches onto Harley because, well, she provides a spark in her life. For Harley, the feeling is mutual. She loves children and misses working with them, especially after her sisters decide to no longer host parties for children and concentrate on adult ones. Then there are her feelings for Gavin. He’s attractive, but he seems to have locked himself into an emotionless life. Oh, he loves Peyton, but can he love another woman again? It doesn’t help that his mother-in-law is critical of any woman that he brings into his life. Will her interference destroy his relationship with Harley?

MAKE A WISH takes place over several months as Harley and Gavin’s relationship develops from being friends to soon becoming lovers. There is no mention of a future together, but can that be far behind? But is Gavin over the death of his wife? Harley isn’t trying to replace Peyton’s mother, but the little girl craves for an adult female in her life. The relationship between Harley and Gavin is rocky at times as he grapples with the past, while she wonders if she is in a rudderless romance trying to navigate through rough seas. Will their relationship swim…or sink?

As with lots of romances, there is plenty of ups and downs in MAKE A WISH, but we will soon be wanting Harley and Gavin to work it out. The final book in the Spark House series, we get scenes with London and Avery (their books are WHEN SPARKS FLY and STARRY-EYED LOVE) and get to catch up on them. But MAKE A WISH is mostly about Harley, Gavin, and Peyton. Don’t miss the charm and enjoyment of this tale.

Patti Fischer

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