Zebra Books
ISBN-10: 1-4201-2400-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-2400-2
September 2012
Historical Romance

Scotland – 1689

Amalie has traded her old life for a new one, and it's turning out to be a tad more exciting than her existence at home! Running away from an intolerable arranged marriage, Amalie has traveled from her home in England to be a governess in Scotland. Unfortunately, at one coach stop, she literally falls into the arms of a very large, very handsome Highlander. This isn't enough, but when they are approached by the cruel husband of the woman the Highlander just rescued, Amalie blurts out that she is married to him in order to save his life. She immediately wonders what possessed her to do so?

Thayne MacGowan has just removed his beloved Mary and her new born daughter from Laird Dunn-Fyne, her husband who has beaten her unmercifully. But Mary died before Thayne could get her help, and now he has an infant and a very angry, but utterly lovely young English woman who has just claimed him as her husband. In Scots law, that's all that is needed for it to be a binding union. Dunn-Fyne isn't convinced, and decides to escort Thayne, his men, Amalie, and the baby back to Castle Gowan, much to Thayne's dismay.

Nothing seems to go well for the party. There is a confrontation, and Dunn-Fyne is killed, then Jamie, Thayne's older brother, the Duke of MacGowan, appears, which isn't a good thing either. Thayne spends most of his life trying to undo what harm Jamie has done to the MacGowan name and reputation. And, of course, there is the Sassenach girl who will not do what Thayne tells her to do, and who questions everything he does. What's worse is that now Thayne is married to her!

A PERFECT KNIGHT FOR LOVE is a wonderfully funny, occasionally touching, and always exciting tale of two mismatched lovers. Amalie hides a very important secret from her new husband, with who she is beginning to fall in love despite his sometimes rough-around-the-edges behavior. Thayne has a lot on his shoulders and hopes that somehow this crazy marriage can work out, but he has his doubts—the wench just won't do what he says. But her feisty behavior is starting to grow on him, and Amalie surprises him every day with her bravery and perseverance. Many more surprises are in store for both of them once they reach the castle.

Jackie Ivie tells a grand story, and this one kept me entertained from first page to last. With endearing characters and a unique premise, A PERFECT KNIGHT FOR LOVE is excellent!

Jani Brooks