BLOOD ASSASSIN – Alexandra Ivy
The Sentinels , Book 2
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2516-0
January 2015
Paranormal Romance

St. Louis, Missouri – Present Day

Jewelry is supposed to be a fun accessory, not be the source of a magical spell which could kill you if you don't follow the rules the spell-caster set out. But that is exactly what happened to Serra. The spell placed on her will kill her if she doesn't use her psychic abilities to find whoever is blackmailing Bas. After years of training herself to block out all the voices in people's heads, now she has to suffer through hearing it all while trying to find even the smallest shred of evidence.

It's obvious to everyone that Fane, one of the Sentinels' best warriors, is in love with Serra. But duty has made him deny himself any chance that they might get together. Now, with Serra's life threatened, and their future together suddenly not so clear, Fane will stop at nothing to help her and claim her as his own. Helpless against the spell placed on her, Fane takes it upon himself to become her guardian and help her with her life and death mission. But if Serra's powers aren't strong enough to find the blackmailer, then “life” might not even be an option.

A story that will keep your eyes glued to the page, BLOOD ASSASSIN is a one-sitting read. Fane and Serra's story was about to come to an end when Serra's life was threatened, and Fane is not about to let anyone dim Serra's bright light. A fascinating world filled with characters the reader is desperate to learn more about shows that author Ivy knows her way around a reader's heart.

Alexandra Ivy knocks it out of the park with her sexy new paranormal romance series. Featuring not only a kick butt hero, but a strong and sassy heroine as well, The Sentinels series is not to be missed. BLOOD ASSASSIN really brings the heat with fast paced action, and let's not forget the steamy scenes between Serra and Fane. Be sure to check out book one in the series as well, BORN IN BLOOD (JAN 2014) – no news about a third book as of yet, but there are plenty of leads to keep readers' hopes alive.

Amanda Toth