Forged of Steele , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2731
ISBN: 978-1-335-20907-8
May 2020

Contemporary Series Romance

Phoenix, Arizona – Present Day

Trucking CEO Gannon Steele is a busy man, but he makes time for an interview with reporter Delphine Ryland as it would be good publicity for the company. The first time Gannon sets eyes on Delphine, he's staggered by the attraction he feels toward her. He doesn't have the time—or any plans—to get involved with a woman. After spending time with her as she interviews him, Gannon finds himself even more attracted to her. He's about to leave on a scheduled trip in a truck to deliver goods (he is a hands-on kind of boss) and decides to ask Delphine to go with him. Will she accept? If she does, does it give them a chance to see where things can go with their relationship?

Delphine has had her heart broken once and doesn't want that to happen again. However, Gannon is an attractive male and she begins to feel a flutter of desire for him. She wants to keep things all business between them, but it's hard to do when she's finding herself falling for him. With the chance to accompany him on a road trip to Florida, Delphine knows where it will lead between them. Is this what she wants?

In CLAIMED BY A STEELE, we meet Gannon, the youngest son of the family that owns Steele Trucking Company, and the one who thinks he is less likely to marry. That is because Gannon has a ten-year plan: help run the company and then in ten years think about marriage. But the moment he spies Delphine, he's hooked. He can't stop thinking about her, and he wants to spend time with her. The trip to Florida comes at a perfect time for both because her house is currently being remodeled. Spending time in the close quarters of a truck would allow them to get to know one another. And where will they spend the nights? Gannon hopes nature will take its course.

Delphine admits she's intrigued and attracted to Gannon, but he is one of the bad boys of Phoenix. She doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost, though she realizes that a fling between them would likely be temporary. But would Delphine end up losing her heart to Gannon if she falls into bed with him?

CLAIMED BY A STEELE is an intriguing and unusual story with the setting taking place around a trucking company, then having the two main characters taking off in a semi-truck for a trip from Arizona to Florida. Will love claim their hearts along the way? If you're looking for an entertaining read, look no farther than CLAIMED BY A STEELE.

Patti Fischer