A POUND OF FLESH Sophie Jackson
A Pound Of Flesh,
Book 1

A Perfect 10
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-9559-1
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

New York Present Day

When Kat began her job as a tutor in a public prison, she didn't realize her family and friends would be so upset that they would start alienating themselves from her. But she knows what she is doing is right. Even though her father was the victim of a brutal attack, she can't help but think he would approve of her choice of career he always said she should give back to the community. But she never imagined she would come to care so much about her students especially the hardheaded Carter.

When Wesley Carter was told to take a class while serving his sentence, he rolled his eyes so hard he was afraid he'd get a headache. But if it would look good with the parole board, it was worth a shot. It also helped that he had heard the teacher was good looking. Carter never expected to spark a connection with someone he met while in prison. But their lives are more entwined than either of them could imagine. Kat might just owe her life to Carter, and possibly her heart as well.

Wesley Carter is not your typical romantic hero. He's not the type to play sappy songs or bring flowers to pick up a date, oh and he's been to prison, multiple times. But readers will fall in love with Carter more with each chapter. Kat and Carter both suffered painful pasts, and author Sophie Jackson excellently writes how broken, yet strong, this has made them both. These characters are willing to stand up and fight for their love, even if it means losing so much.

This wonderfully crafted story left me unable to look away from the page. Going in, I wasn't sure I could fall in love with such an abrasive hero, but Carter proves himself to be a good, loyal man, willing to own up to his past yet still striving to move on with his life. For the story alone, A POUND OF FLESH deserves a high rating but it is Jackson's life-like and well-created characters that make this A Perfect 10 book.

A sequel novella, LOVE AND ALWAYS, can be found in e-book form, and the next book in the series, AN OUNCE OF HOPE releases January 2016.

Amanda Toth