A Perfect Fit Novel, Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-03299-7
October 2014
Contemporary Romance

Durant, New York – Present Day

Belinda has finally settled into a life she enjoys as part owner of a dress shop with her best friend and with her parents living in the same town. But one day, she comes face to face with a man from her past: her husband. Five years ago, Belinda married Carter Lancaster after a whirlwind romance, but walked out on him six weeks later when she found out he was divorced…and that he had a baby with the other woman. The spark is still there between Belinda and Carter, but she hasn't forgiven him, which is complicated by the fact that he has his little girl, Ruby, living with him. Ruby is sweet, adorable…and motherless. As the heat amps up between Belinda and Carter, Ruby latches onto Belinda as a potential mother.

Carter was stunned when he learned five years ago that his ex-wife had bore him a child. After his ex's sudden death, he took on sole responsibility for raising Ruby. But big city living didn't work out, so he moved to Durant where his best friend lived. Neither Carter nor Belinda was aware they were now both living in the same town. Carter is angry at Belinda for walking out on him and doesn't want Ruby to get attached to a woman who couldn't love his daughter, but there are feelings still between him and Belinda – and he watches as she soon becomes a part of his and Ruby's lives.

Belinda is a plus size woman who feels content with her body, yet has to live with her mother constantly haranguing her about “eating too much” and her size. Carter seems turned on by Belinda's lush curves, and he thought after five years apart those feelings had died. He soon realizes they haven't and, the moment they're alone, he can't help but squeeze her curves. Belinda tries to back away from being around Carter, but no matter where she turns she runs into him as she does Ruby. She connects with the little girl and they're soon forming a bond, even though Belinda realizes it is not the right thing to do.

Carter didn't mention his divorce from another woman to Belinda because that marriage had been brief and he'd put it in his past. But they had a rocky start to their marriage when his parents opposed it and treated Belinda badly, and finding out about the other woman and his child with her was the final straw. In GENTLEMEN PREFER CURVES, Carter and Belinda reconnect on what can only be described as one rocky road. Add in a cute child, and readers are in for an enjoyable treat. Once Carter and Belinda realize they still have the hots for each other, they can barely keep their hands off one another. Yet both are aware of the danger of letting Ruby get too attached to Belinda…but of course, it happens anyway.

GENTLEMEN PREFER CURVES is a funny, enjoyable tale featuring a plus-size heroine and the man she loves and can't get over. The chemistry between Belinda and Carter sizzles as does the sweet relationship that develops between Belinda and Ruby. Add in some funny dialogue, and GENTLEMEN PREFER CURVES is a book I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer