THE RISK OF ROGUES Sabrina Jeffries
The Sinful Suitors Series , Book 5.5 Novella 
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-5011-4454-7
July 2018
Historical Romance

Hatton Hall, Shropshire, England, 19 th  Century

Captain Lord Hartley Corry arrives to visit his brother Warren, the  Marquess of Knightford,  at his estate in Shropshire believing it a men's hunting, cards and drinking event. Upon his arrival he finds a ballroom full of guests. His sister-in-law Delia greets him and tells him she had to remind Warren it was the week of St. Valentine's Day, and that all of his friends were married. Then Hartley comes face-to-face with the only woman he ever loved and loves still, Miss Anne Barkley, now Lady Barkley. How did she become a lady? Nine years ago, when he had asked her father for Anne's hand in marriage, the wealthy merchant had refused his offer. Hartley believes it was because he was a second son, even though he was studying and working to become a barrister. For the last four years he has worked as a spy for England's former spymaster, Lord Fulkham, who has just become the new foreign secretary. Anne, though, believes Hartley to be a gambling womanizer who abandoned her. Hartley makes it his mission to change her mind.

The situation between these two unusual characters is fraught with doubt and misinformation. Anne questions Hartley's motives and accuses him of rebelliousness. He calls her stubborn. Older now, both want to discover what they missed in each other's character as an impetuous younger couple. They both had been naïve. Do they have any hope for a future together? It is a fun and quick read.

Robin Lee