A Blessings Novel
William Morrow Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-06-269928-2
March 2020
Contemporary Fiction

Henry Adams, Kansas – Present Day

Having never read the previous nine books in the Blessings series, reading ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN is like coming into the middle of a movie. Henry Adams is a small town in Kansas that was purchased by Bernadine Brown, and she has gone about upgrading and improving the town. She has been welcomed by most of the townsfolk, but there are a few who resent her. In this tale, the plotline revolves around a few things, one of which is the upcoming mayoral race. It brings Bernadine's hateful ex back to town with a plan to destroy her and also help his former employer cheat local farmers out of their land.

Barrett and Sheila Payne are still recovering from the pain of his infidelity a few years ago. Both also want to run for mayor. Sheila turns out to not only be smart, but she has some innovative ideas for the town's future. How will running against one another affect their marriage? Thad July is only running for mayor because he wants to bring a casino to town, despite most everyone's objection. Riley Curry doesn't like Bernadine and is encouraged (and backed) by Bernadine's ex, Leo Brown. What Riley doesn't realize is that he is only a tool for Leo's plan of revenge. Who will win the election to be the next mayor of Henry Adams?

There are a multitude of characters in ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN, too many to list. But one who is in Bernadine's thoughts is Mal, her former beau who recently betrayed her. Their slow-building reconnection is one of the plotlines in this tale. Will Mal win Bernadine's heart again? Leo is up to no good. Will he succeed, or get his comeuppance? There are plans for the future of the town coming along. Will readers who have followed this series get updates as to how the town is continuing to flourish?

ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN is a warmhearted tale that adds in a bit of “what will happen next” to keep readers enthralled. Other than the romance of Bernadine and Mal, there is no real romance, just day to day encounters between the people of Henry Adams, with this tale being told from several points of view. Despite not having read the prior books in the series, I didn't have much trouble following along, especially as to who is who.

A sweet and beguiling story of new beginnings and hope don't miss ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN.

Patti Fischer