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THE SCANDLOUS LADIES OF LONDON: The Countess - Sophie Jordan
Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-327010-1
March 28, 2023
Historical Romance

London, England - 1821

Lady Gertrude, The Countess of Chatham is a pillar of Society and the wife of one of the worst wastrels in London. Lady Gertrude is determined to ensure her daughter, Cordelia, makes the right match in her first season. She will not allow her daughter to be deceived into marriage with false charm, only to become as miserable as she is. The Earl of Chatham has had his own residence since their son was conceived sixteen years ago, and little to nothing to do with his wife or offspring. He prefers his mistresses and gambling and drinking. He is a truly despicable man.

Gertrude “Tru” to her friends has a very small circle of women she considers friends. She is all that is polite and proper in public, but her loathing of the man she married keeps her aloof from those outside her circle. When she learns the Earl has already picked out a husband for her Cordelia, she is determined to outwit him and save her daughter from the kind of man the Earl would approve… someone rich with no thought to the kind of husband he would make.

Jasper Thorne has no pedigree, and no standing in society. He is a mystery to most of the ton. What he does have is a lot of money and a need for a wife as quickly as possible. When Lord Chatham approaches him and offers his daughter Cordelia in marriage for the right price, Jasper begins to think he may get what he needs without having to court this year’s offering of debutantes.

A chance encounter at a séance held for amusement Tru and Jasper meet. Jasper is handsome, powerful, and persuasive. But Tru is not open to a romantic entanglement, despite the way she feels in his presence. She’s a married woman, ready to launch her daughter into the marriage mart. Furthermore, she has neither inclination nor time for an illicit relationship. Having been married to man who doesn’t know the meaning of fidelity or love, she will never let herself behave improperly. But even as her upbringing and her own honor tell her no, her heart yearns for the handsome stranger. Imagine her shock and dismay when Lord Chatham visits the following day and tells her he has already chosen Cordelia’s husband, and that man is none other than Jasper Throne.

What follows is a series of events that change everything. Jasper can’t forget Tru. Tru cannot forget Jasper. But it appears, while Jasper wants Tru for a lover, he is still going to court Cordelia. They are forced together for dinner, and a country house party by Lord Chatham who is oblivious to the undercurrents around him. What will happen if Tru and Jasper give in to their desire for each other? The scandal would be enormous, Cordelia would be affected, and Lord Chatham, were he to find out, would be livid.

THE SCANDALOUS LADIES OF LONDON: The Countess is a well written novel, with a cast of characters that are interesting and a little different than the norm in historical romance. I love Tru and her close group of female friends. I will admit, I was wishing someone would kill Lord Chatham by chapter three.

Jasper was a little slower for me to warm up to, but once his motives for searching for a wife are revealed, I began to understand him and like him very much.

What will happen? Will Tru give in to temptation and Jasper, or will she stand firm and watch her daughter marry a man who may not love her? Will Tru confront her despicable husband, or will she remain aloof? Tru wants her daughters’ happiness above all things. But will that be allowing her to marry a man she herself desires? And what about Tru’s happiness, will she remain isolated and alone forever?

For an intriguing story of romance, grab a copy of THE SCANDALOUS LADIES OF LONDON: The Countess. It is an enjoyable romp through the ton with a cast of likable and not so likable characters. I look forward to the next book in this new series. I highly recommend THE SCANDALOUS LADIES OF LONDON: The Countess.

Terrie Figueroa

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