DIRTY LETTERS – Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
Montlake Romance
ISBN: 978-1542016797
November 2019
Contemporary Romance

Vermont & other locations in the United States

It's been years since Luca last communicated with Griffin, her overseas childhood pen pal. Eight years ago, during the summer of her senior year in high school, Luca lost her best friend during a fire at a concert they were both attending. Luca feels guilt because she survived the fire and her friend did not, and it has left her with severe panic attacks. She stays holed up in her home in Vermont, attended to occasionally by her psychologist/friend. But she is now a self-published author of horror fiction books that have landed on the bestseller lists, making her popular. Out of the blue one day, a letter arrives from Griffin. In it, he lambasts her for not returning his correspondence for the past eight years. Griffin had once been Luca's lifeline. Is it time for her to rekindle their friendship and explain why she hasn't responded? She decides to write him back, telling him what happened, and thus reopens a friendship…and even more…between the now older Luca and Griffin.

DIRTY LETTERS is an emotion packed tale that starts out from Luca's point of view as she tries to cope with life while dealing with the guilt and resultant panic attacks. She hates crowds and shops at night to avoid people. Living life as a writer is perfect for her as she can spend time alone writing while making good money. Her choice of writing horror fiction might seem macabre given that she experienced a near death experience years ago, but it's her therapy. Before the fire, Luca had been writing regularly back and forth with Griffin, a boy her age who lived in Great Britain. Soon, DIRTY LETTERS turns to Griffin's point of view, and we learn what he's been up to…

Griffin is now a worldwide legendary rock star going by the name of Cole Archer, and he currently lives in California. At first, after they meet, he doesn't tell Luca of his fame, because he isn't sure how she will handle it since he performs at concerts. Once he does, she accepts it, though she admits she hasn't heard of Cole Archer. But can he get her to attend one of his concerts, or even go on tour with him? Griffin begins to see a future with Luca, but she resists. She feels she can't be the worldly wife that a rock performer deserves. However, he sees her as the sweet girl who he fell in love with through their letters.

Readers will grow to care for Luca's dilemma and root for her to make it work out with Griffin/Cole. They are much different from when they first started corresponding. Lives change, but their friendship runs deep. Can they find love…and a future together? Find out the answer in the emotionally satisfying DIRTY LETTERS.

Patti Fischer