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LOVE ME DO – Lindsey Kelk
Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0008619640
September 5, 2023
Romantic Comedy

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Greetings card copywriter Phoebe Chapman arrives in Los Angeles for a two-week vacation with her sister Suzanne, only to learn that her sister is about to leave for Seattle for a business trip and will be gone “a few days.” Rather than cancel her vacation and return home where her ex is about to marry, Phoebe decides to stay at Suzanne’s house and entertain herself. Phoebe soon encounters the next-door neighbor, Ren Garcia, who is a carpenter and bird watcher. Oh, and he is drool-worthy sexy. They share a few minutes discussing birds, but Phoebe isn’t looking for a guy after her bad experience with her ex. Besides, she will be returning to England in two weeks.

The next morning, Phoebe is rudely awakened by a yoga instructor friend of Suzanne’s by the name of Bel. Bel is a little kooky and she is attracted to Ren. Phoebe decides to play matchmaker for the two of them by penning a love letter to Ren and signing Bel’s name to it. Turns out it works, and now she gets to watch the two fall in love. Unfortunately, Phoebe soon discovers that she likes Ren too. To distract herself, she explores the area on foot and runs into an elderly retired movie star, Myrna Moore. The woman is a bit eccentric, but she intrigues Phoebe. Meanwhile, Ren and Bel’s romance is rocky, and it is Phoebe to the rescue. But is her matchmaking going to end with her heart broken?

All Phoebe wanted to do was to have a nice visit and vacation with her sister in LOVE ME DO but nothing went according to her plan. Suzanne has a Type One personality, and she has to fix the issues in the Seattle office because no one else can. Phoebe’s ex is a controlling person and she got out before he emotionally hurt her further. She tried to warn his fiancée about his personality by crashing the hen (bachelorette) party, but she got labeled jealous by those who knew her. Knowing no one else in Los Angeles, Phoebe ends up becoming friends with Ren, Bel, and even crotchety old Myrna. In LOVE ME DO, there are plenty of chuckles and laughs with this odd assortment of characters. Phoebe wants to enjoy her vacation and forget the fact that her ex is getting married. What she experiences in Los Angeles is something that she will never forget. 

LOVE ME DO is cute and funny, with the characters colorful and entertaining. Being in a strange country might intimidate some people, but Phoebe is not afraid to experience new things, even if her body ends up exhausted afterwards. Her love notes to Ren on behalf of Bel are coming from inside her. She doesn’t realize it at first, but readers will sense it. Phoebe and Ren are perfect together as they laugh and enjoy each other’s company. But hanging over them is the fact that Phoebe doesn’t want to admit it for two reasons. One is that she considers Bel a friend and she wouldn’t betray a friend. Then there is the fact that she is leaving to return to England. How can they even think about love when she is only there for two weeks?

Prepare to chuckle and smile at the antics of Phoebe and the people around her. By the end of LOVE ME DO, you’ll be rooting for everyone to end up happy.

Patti Fischer

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