JUST THIS ONCE – Mira Lyn Kelly
The Wedding Date , Book 3
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-4926-7075-9
October 2018
Contemporary Romance

Sean Wyse III and Molly Brandt are friends through his longtime friendship with her brother, Max. As the heir to his family's hotel fortune, Sean is expected to marry well. That means someone his parents approve of. For now, he'd rather hang out with his blue-collar friends like Molly. She is softhearted and currently has a roommate who is late with his share of the rent and abuses her kindness. Sean figures he'll interfere without her consent and evict the roommate, then move himself in temporarily to help her with the rent. Needless to say, Molly isn't happy when she finds out.

Sean sticks to his guns and remains living with her, which soon leads to something neither expects: a building attraction that threatens to explode into sex between them. They're friends, not potential lovers! Yet, the more they fight the attraction, the harder it becomes to resist. Finally, Sean and Molly decide to have sex. Just this once. They figure once they do the deed, then they can go back to being just friends. But their plan goes awry…

Welcome to the inner circle of friends who hang out together. Four have already found love, and you can find their tales in MAY THE BEST MAN WIN (Jase and Emily) and THE WEDDING DATE BARGAIN (Max and Sarah). While the stories are connected as part of  The Wedding Date  series, JUST THIS ONCE can be read as a standalone.

Sean isn't exactly on good terms with his parents. Oh, he works for the company and communicates with them, but he refuses to commit to a woman that they approve of. If they knew that Sean was lusting after Molly, they'd freak out. She works hard—three jobs in fact—but their idea of a good wife for Sean is someone with money and good social standing. As such, Sean spends a lot of time when he is not working with his friends at a local bar, Molly included. They have a nice camaraderie that neither wants to spoil. Yet, it's hard to ignore this intense attraction between them.

After their one round of sex, Sean and Molly try to ignore letting it happen again, but after going on a group camping trip, they finally give in. Of course, they try to keep it a secret, especially from Max, who'd likely freak out if he found out his sister was having sex with Sean. Yet, as much as they try to pretend there isn't anything going on, it's a little bit too obvious. What will happen in JUST THIS ONCE when the gang learns Sean and Molly are secretly boinking each other? Is it a fling…or something more?

A cute friends-to-lovers romance, JUST THIS ONCE will have you rooting for Sean and Molly to fall in love despite the obstacles that are placed in front of them.

Patti Fischer