A Killer Instincts Novel , Book 8
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13:  978-1-101-99131-2
May 2017
Romantic Suspense

Guantana City, Guantana – Present Day

Cate Morgan is in Guantana City as a freelance photographer along with journalist Riya Charan.  Unfortunately, as they review her pictures, Cate notices a man in the background, Mateo Rivera, a cartel leader believed to be dead.  To be sure, Cate sends the pictures to the only man who can confirm or deny his identity, her father, Jim Morgan, mercenary extraordinaire and leader of the most lethal men she knows.  After never knowing her father until the age of seventeen, Jim freed her from a life with her grandfather and mother who had been in a coma her whole life, and she moved in with Jim and his wife Noelle, The Queen of Assassins.  Living in a silver coated prison and then going to live with Jim was a whole new life, until Jim insists she go to college and marry a normal man and meet normal people, not mercenaries.  That didn't last long, and Cate left college and started doing photography around the world, craving the excitement and freedom she never knew her whole life.  The only person she left behind is David “Ash” Ashton.

A member of Jim's group, Ash met Cate four years ago, and while he knew she had a crush on him, he also knew Jim would never stand for Cate getting together with a mercenary; Jim wants better for Cate.  Now Jim and the rest of his crew must go to Cate and protect her, after her friend Riya is murdered in the hotel room next to Cate's.  Cate and Jim haven't had much of a relationship lately, but she knows her father is the only one who will be able help her with cartel members after her.  When Ash kills Mateo's oldest son, Mateo is determined to capture Cate and make them all pay for his loss.  But when Jim is shot, his whole team must come together to take Mateo down, even members who had left several years ago.

Liam and Sully were both members of Jim's group and left.  Liam Macgregor joined his brother's security company in Boston and is bored to death, and maybe even bored with his girlfriend Penny, always thinking of his fellow teammate Sullivan (Sully) Port.  Two years ago the team rescued Sully from being tortured and given heroin.  Sully escaped to his boat and is sailing the seas, trying to detox and get over his cravings.  But his craving for Liam never seems to go away.   Liam once tried to have a relationship with Sully, but after a kiss, Liam got scared they would lose their close friendship and pushed him away, and Sully has stayed away on his boat ever since.  But Jim's injury has them both coming together to help their friends, and maybe put an end to their sizzling feelings for each other that they can't seem to accept.

Ellen Kennedy once again lets us meet Jim Morgan and his band of mercenaries, and his daughter Cate, a woman he has tried in vain to give a normal life and keep away from dangerous men and situations.  Cate is still trying to learn to live with freedom after her cramped childhood.  Ash was not honorably discharged from the service, and working with Jim has given him a purpose to life, and the friendship of his fellow mercenaries makes him whole.  Can he risk hurting his boss and make a play for Cate?

All the members of Jim's group are here, and almost all of them have married and found their true loves in the past years; only Ash is holding out.  Each mercenary is more dangerous than the other, and truer friends are never to be found.

MIDNIGHT TARGET seethes with Sully and Liam's holding back from each other, and Cate and Ash going back and forth between longing for each other and what Jim will say about them being together.  If Jim lives through his injury, and Mateo doesn't kill or capture Cate, perhaps Cate and Ash will have time to reconsider what they want in their life.  While there are several others in the Killer Instincts Series , and each mercenary has a great story, you don't necessarily have to have read them to be caught up in the action of MIDNIGHT TARGET.  If you like to tempt yourself with action and drama, this is the book for you this month.

Carolyn Crisher