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ISBN: 978-1-7282-8327-2
October 31, 2023

New Adult Romance

Briar College – Present Day

Gigi Graham and Luke Ryder are both top hockey players at Briar College. Ryder (he prefers to be called this rather than his first name) and some of his teammates used to attend Eastmont but the school shut down and the men’s hockey team merged with Briar’s. Gigi is well aware of Ryder because she had a run-in with him years ago when he mistook her for a figure skater. Of course, he didn’t know at the time that Gigi was the daughter of superstar pro hockey player Garrett Graham. 

Meeting again now that they are both attending the same school, Gigi lets Ryder know that she thinks he’s a self-entitled prick. He thinks she is a spoiled rotten kid who only got where she was because of her father. Despite their differences, there is a common denominator between them: both want to play their best and get a chance to play on the USA Olympics team. They run in the same circles, and lo and behold, they end up in the same parties. But Gigi and Ryder want to be the best and that means deciding to work out together to sharpen their skills. One thing leads to another, and they are soon attracted to each other. But with Gigi’s ex (who wants her back) being on the same team as Ryder means that they have to tread lightly before it all blows up in their faces. 

Gigi wants to be the best even if she rarely gets her famous father’s approval. In THE GRAHAM EFFECT, she sees Ryder as helping her achieve her goal while he sees her assistance as possibly cleaning up a bad reputation after he slugged a teammate at Worlds last year. He had a reason to be angry at his teammate and he would do it again if he had the same thing happen. Garrett Graham has a lot of pull in hockey, so Ryder must walk the line getting close to Gigi while not offending her father. Gigi doesn’t like Ryder at first, but she soon realizes that he is a lot like her. 

In THE GRAHAM EFFECT, we meet Gigi and Ryder’s fellow colleagues at Briar. They are a lot like other college students in that sex and drinking occupy a lot of their downtime. Co-mingling with the various hockey players and cheerleaders means there is always fun to be had. Gigi and Ryder are dedicated and being good players, students, and statesmen are at the top of their plans. Yet, both realize getting involved with each other—even if they are perfect together—comes with its challenges. Will they overcome them? First up is training and practicing to help make their respective teams, then playing and winning games. Will there be a championship brought home by either the men’s or women’s team? Will Gigi and Ryder’s relationship go to the next level, and can they forge a future together?

It's all about a couple of college athletes wanting to be their best while finding love together. Don’t miss the intriguing THE GRAHAM EFFECT.

Patti Fischer

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